Saturday, October 6, 2012

Outfit Post Italian Stylez

We had an Italian themed day at work a while ago. It was awesome! We ate pizza and pasta and played trivia based on Italy. We also got to go mufti and I won a prize for being dressed fully in the colours of the Italian flag. The plan was for everyone to wear red white and green but most people just wore jeans and a red or green top. I didn't think I really went all out considering I'd heard a few people were wearing coloured jeans but it turns out they wore black tops :/ they weren't very much into the spirit I say!

I won a nice bottle of red wine which I passed on to Matt because I haven't quite acquired a taste for red wine yet!

Anyways just a quick one from me today.
Ciao for now! :)

Jeans: Big W
Top: Just Jeans
Flats: Kmart
Cardi: SES


  1. Cute outfit and welcome back to blog-ville!

  2. Thanks! I float in and out occasionally... :P