Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pump it!

So I have quit boot camp and moved on to crossfit. I do it with Matt and have been going most days of the week for the past three weeks. It is intense! If you don't know what crossfit is, you don't want to know :P Ha ha.
Well how I would explain it goes a bit like this: everyday the workout is different, depending on the workout they usually go for an average of 30 mins, usually involves a certain amount of rounds of 3 lots of exercises repeated over the 20-60 minute time slot or for time eg you do 3 lots of 30 push ups, 200m run, 15 burpees and then you record your time. You also do certain techniques with weights on the bar. (Someone please correct me if my definition of crossfit is off).

The first time I had seen a crossfit video on youtube I felt the pain they were feeling just from watching it! I watched the people vomit afterwards because they worked themselves way too hard. I never ever wanted to try crossfit. Ever. But Matt was super keen so he found a gym literally 2 mins away from us and started going. He told me that they want you to learn all of the techniques and it is definitely nowhere near as horrible as the youtube video looked. So I gave it a go.
Check me out pumpin that broom stick! :P
 Oh that undie line is disgraceful! Will need to get some proper sports tights in the future! :P

After the first week I could barely walk, but now I really enjoy it. I can feel myself getting fitter even after only three weeks. The running kills me and the squats and the burpees but I'm still able to walk away after and feel like I have accomplished something and that maybe next time I can push myself a little more.

One of the workouts I have done recently. I only did a half Eva which I think was only 3 or 4 rounds of 200m runs, 15 kettlebell swings and 15 ring pulls. My arms died that day. :P

I have just recently graduated from the pvc pipe and broom stick and moved onto the bar for one of the exercises. I'm looking forward to using the bar more. And soon I will be learning to do real pull ups but they'll be assisted with a band (this scares me a little).

Watch this space! I'll be posting up more photos of my times to see how I improve!

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  1. Good on you for keeping up with the fitness! I need to get my exercise mojo back.