Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nailed it

On Tuesday night I put on the 1000 hour nail foils that was in the cute package I won in Miss Directions' give away. I've actually always wanted to get a pair of these but never got round to it. So this was my first go at putting them on.

They were pretty easy to do, pretty much just put the foil on your nail, cut it to size, blow dry it and then smooth out the edges.

I have no idea what I do wrong with nail polish but it barely lasts longer than a day on my nails. It always chips or just peels off no matter what brand I use, how many coats are applied or how careful I am to avoid chipping. These foils are still going strong two days later with the exception of one nail that I didn't smooth out properly so it had a fold in it and ripped. The foils come in a pack of 16 so I'll be fixing that rogue nail in just a moment.

Can't wait to try out other designs!


  1. Looks good :-) glad you like them xx

  2. I've never seen these before, but it looks really cute! Love the pink nail polish too.

    1. Or is the pink part of the foil? Now I'm confused haha!

  3. They are all foil! I fail at nail polish so this stuff is awesome for staying in between the lines :P They are basically stickers for your nails and you file them to fit the shape of your nails.