Monday, February 6, 2012

NOTD - Rimmel Sky High & OPI Black Shatter

Its taken me most of my life but I have only now started to actually get into nailpolish. Every now and then I used to get acrylic nails but they screwed up my nails something chronic and I refuse to get them now. I can grow my nails long but after a while I get sick of them and always end up biting them off. (I know its a disgusting habit, but I can't kick it!).

So without further ado here are my feral short nails adorned with Rimmel Sky High and OPI Black Shatter:

The blue is actually a little more of an aqua colour in real life. I really like the Rimmel 60 seconds range. I like using the brushes and how quickly it dries. I only have one OPI nail polish (otherwise engaged) and then the start to finish and have found it takes forever to dry but I also think that could be because for that particular colour to become less see through I have to put 4 coats on and they never dry.

This was my first time using shatter, which was actually borrow from a friend. I'm still unsure of it. I like watching it shatter and I like that it dries so quickly too. But I'm just not sure on the effect. It kind of looks like someone drew on your nails with a black sharpie two days ago and its starting to rub off. But sometimes I look at it and think it is pretty cool.


  1. Try it under a metallic polish. I have purple polish with red glitter over the top of it at the moment and I just found the most gorgeous holographic polishes on ETSY

  2. Whoa! I finally looked at the link! That green is intense!

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