Monday, February 6, 2012

Mud Camp

On Saturday morning we did boot camp in the mud and I had so much fun.

That's me in the pink on the right!

On my Monday session I let myself down pretty badly, I didn't do all my reps and each time I went to a new station I'd stop for a moment before I would get back into it. I wanted to blame it on the heat but I knew it was just me being a sook. From then on I decided that I will not stop and think about what I am doing, I will just do it. When I stop I let my brain register that I am in pain and since I'm only used to pain being a bad thing not something that will make me stronger, I wooss out.

Thursdays session it was raining so we did boxing undercover, going in with the mentality of "JUST DO IT" really helped, I woossed out a little but not nearly as much as I did on Monday.

Then came Saturday morning in the mud. I really pushed myself and I am really happy with my efforts. I ran 100 metres and back dragging a tyre strapped to my waist and I didn't slow down to walk at all. Then we did 90, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 10 metre shuttles and even though I was a little slower I still jogged most of the way. And when we did stations I would do a few reps on the harder option and bumping it down instead of just going straight into the easier option. After our hard work doing stations and shuttles we played a really fun game of touch footy with an exercise ball. I didn't know the rule so I was running aroung like a nutter but I almost caught one of the really fit boys. Also I can do push ups on my toes! I can't go down very far yet and after a few I bump it down to my knees but I'm proud of myself!

I think Saturday mornings are my favourite sessions. It's such a struggle to get out of bed but afterwards you feel like it was worth it. I'm so proud of all my efforts and I'm looking forward to Wednesdays session. Bring it on!

PS. My very first design class starts tonight! More excitement! ^_^

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