Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy ♥ day!

In celebration of Valentines Day, I decided to make some simple cards and send them off to my bestest girlfriends. I made the envelopes from this template here and the little scrabble letters from the same website Oh Happy Day, here.

Here is the end product:
Apologies for the blurry picture, I completely forgot to take a photo but luckily one of my girlfriends wanted to gloat about how awesome I am and posted it on facebook! He he.

Even though it's our very first Valentine's Day as a married couple, I've decided to keep things very low key for us this year. We're going to enjoy each others company with a quiet dinner at home and maybe snuggle up to a lovey dovey movie (whilst I catch up on some homework...). I've come to the conclusion that going way over the top on Valentine's Day is kind of pointless for us because everyone gets spoilt and some lame-o people get competitive about it :| So from now on I've decided that we'll be celebrating Valentine's Day by truly appreciating each others company and celebrating the little things that we do for each other most days of the year that make us feel loved. I think Matt really liked that idea coz it took the pressure off him.

In saying that I will still be surprising him a little. I'm going to buy him his favourite flavoured milk and a packet of oreos (also his favourite) then tie them up with red ribbon. And for dinner I'll make him his favourite meal, steak with Dianne sauce, I might even let him pick the movie! Ha ha. I hope he feels the love.

And I hope everyone else gets their fair share of love today too! Everyone deserves to be loved!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mud Camp

On Saturday morning we did boot camp in the mud and I had so much fun.

That's me in the pink on the right!

On my Monday session I let myself down pretty badly, I didn't do all my reps and each time I went to a new station I'd stop for a moment before I would get back into it. I wanted to blame it on the heat but I knew it was just me being a sook. From then on I decided that I will not stop and think about what I am doing, I will just do it. When I stop I let my brain register that I am in pain and since I'm only used to pain being a bad thing not something that will make me stronger, I wooss out.

Thursdays session it was raining so we did boxing undercover, going in with the mentality of "JUST DO IT" really helped, I woossed out a little but not nearly as much as I did on Monday.

Then came Saturday morning in the mud. I really pushed myself and I am really happy with my efforts. I ran 100 metres and back dragging a tyre strapped to my waist and I didn't slow down to walk at all. Then we did 90, 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 10 metre shuttles and even though I was a little slower I still jogged most of the way. And when we did stations I would do a few reps on the harder option and bumping it down instead of just going straight into the easier option. After our hard work doing stations and shuttles we played a really fun game of touch footy with an exercise ball. I didn't know the rule so I was running aroung like a nutter but I almost caught one of the really fit boys. Also I can do push ups on my toes! I can't go down very far yet and after a few I bump it down to my knees but I'm proud of myself!

I think Saturday mornings are my favourite sessions. It's such a struggle to get out of bed but afterwards you feel like it was worth it. I'm so proud of all my efforts and I'm looking forward to Wednesdays session. Bring it on!

PS. My very first design class starts tonight! More excitement! ^_^

NOTD - Rimmel Sky High & OPI Black Shatter

Its taken me most of my life but I have only now started to actually get into nailpolish. Every now and then I used to get acrylic nails but they screwed up my nails something chronic and I refuse to get them now. I can grow my nails long but after a while I get sick of them and always end up biting them off. (I know its a disgusting habit, but I can't kick it!).

So without further ado here are my feral short nails adorned with Rimmel Sky High and OPI Black Shatter:

The blue is actually a little more of an aqua colour in real life. I really like the Rimmel 60 seconds range. I like using the brushes and how quickly it dries. I only have one OPI nail polish (otherwise engaged) and then the start to finish and have found it takes forever to dry but I also think that could be because for that particular colour to become less see through I have to put 4 coats on and they never dry.

This was my first time using shatter, which was actually borrow from a friend. I'm still unsure of it. I like watching it shatter and I like that it dries so quickly too. But I'm just not sure on the effect. It kind of looks like someone drew on your nails with a black sharpie two days ago and its starting to rub off. But sometimes I look at it and think it is pretty cool.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Buy it, Use it, Break it, Fix it

Soo I feel like my laptop of 4 years is starting to get pretty tired and I've been thinking I want to buy into the tablet market... I know a tablet is in no way a replacement for a laptop but we have Matt's desktop computer for anything that can't be done on a tablet. Or I could just do it at work...

I'm trying to decide on whether I want to get an iPad2 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I did a little bit of googling research and found PC Worlds Good Gear Guide has done the hard work for me and made comparisons of each. That took the technical bit out, but since I have no real idea what any of it means here are my reasons why I like each of them:

Pic taken from the Apple website

  • Even though it's already supposed to be super user friendly, I have an iPhone so I wont have any problems using it, my aunty also has one so I know it's not all that different to an iPhone
  • It comes in white
  • I love the Apps and App store and I am obsessed with Apple's photobooth :P
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Pic taken from here.
  • Slightly bigger screen
  • It's Android and I've never played with that before so I'd like to fiddle and play around with it
  • Not that it would make much of a difference but it is capable of using Flash player
  • I wont be limited to itunes
And thats my reasons... Pretty lame hey. I think I might go into a JB HiFi and see if I can play around with the Galaxy Tab. Hmm decisions, decisions. Ha for all I know once I tell Matt that I want to get a tablet he might not even let me get one! Any advice guys? :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Excitement! ^_^

Pic stolen from the HDS facebook page.
I have induction in just a few hours! Can't wait! Weeeeeeeeeee!