Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It has started...

It was back to work for me yesterday. *sigh* It wasn't so bad though because not everyone is back this week, I get to ease myself into it instead of being bombarded.

Yesterday I also started my attempt at a more healthy living. It wasn't that great of a start because I had a Sausage McMuffin in my rush to work for breakfast and taco's for dinner because I was at a friends house. I did however have a healthy lunch of a salad and vitawheats, AND I exercised!

The exercise was pretty funny, I WAS going to do body pump at the gym but left work too late so I decided to start the C25K. C25K is a program that is aimed to get couch potatoes like myself up and running 5km's in a 9 week period. There's more info about it here. However, I decided I'd take our dogs Jack and Katie along with me. It wasn't such a great idea, they run alot faster than I can and ended up just dragging me down the footpath completely missing all of the intervals.

They are STRONG puppies!
(I promise to post a better picture of them another time, I might even do a post on them)

So I gave up on the dogs, took them home and did a workout from the Nike Training Club App, I downloaded this ages ago after Mrs B from the Wifey Chronicles blogged about it here. This was the first time I used it and HOLY MOLY! It is awesome! It worked me pretty hard and I can feel it everywhere today.

This afternoon I plan to restart the C25K (without the dogs!). Let's see how it goes!


  1. Haha I know what it's like to run with dogs! Spencer is so fast he makes my feet nearly hit the back of my head! haha! And I'm not strong enough to pull him up once he gets momentum.
    Cute puppies! What sort are they?

  2. Hey, at least you tried! Good luck with the C25K, I started it but wasn't able to finish it...grrr

  3. I know right! They are boxer x cattle x labrador. I will definitely take better photos this afternoon and post them up tomorrow. :)

  4. Oh Miss Directions you should start again!