Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Busy!

I have a very busy week ahead of me this week. Holy Moly I hope I survive it!

Last week I had the opportunity to work in a higher position but now I'm back in my regular position that wasn't filled whilst I was away I have ALOT of work to catch up on, not to mention I have totally booked myself out everyday after work.

Here's what my schedule is looking like:

Monday - Boot Camp

Tuesday - Much needed trip to my hairdresser. I've got some pretty bad regrowth going on. I've decided that I want to get my hair cut shorter again into an actual bob like Dianna Agron. I'm undecided on whether I want to stay blonde or to go closer to my natural colour with a dark blonde/light brown. Suggestions are welcome and encouraged! 
Pics I've found on Google.

Wednesday - Induction for my design course. I haven't told you guys yet but I applied to do a Certificate 4 in Design and got in! I'm getting really bored in my admin job so I'm doing this course part time as a path for career change and a creative outlet. I'm surprised they let me in the course since my interview was a bit of a bomb because I've had no design experience and no idea where I ultimately want to go with it. But I am excited and can't wait to get started!

Thursday - Boot Camp

Friday - BBQ at a friends house

Saturday - 6am Boot Camp

Phew, I'm getting tired just thinking about it! This week is also the start of the 1 Million Kilo Challenge, who else is doing it? I won't be doing the exercises because I am already signed up for boot camp but I'm keen to try out all the recipes. I like having someone else set out a meal plan for me! Good luck to all those doing it with me! :) 


  1. Good luck with the design course, always good to try new things :) As for the hair, I really like Dianna's do in the photo on the left and am even imagining how it might look on me. Maybe try a new style first and then change colour if you are happy with it?

  2. Thanks Natalie! I raelly really really cant wait to get started! And I like the way you think with the hair :)

  3. Yeah agree, colour is easy to change later. The style is the big decision factor.

    Sounds like a super busy week too.

    Am tempted to try the 1 million kilo challenge, more for exercises than meal planning (SJ would hate it I'm sure) do you think it's worth it? Like the idea of the 12wbt too but not sure it's worth the $

  4. She has such cute hair! I'd go with cut first then brown colour later on. It'd look super cute blonde anyway

  5. Thanks for your advice guys I will definitely see how the style looks on me before I decide on changing the colour so dramatically.

    Miss Directions, I kind of did the Michelle Bridges 12wbt but I was just getting the info from a lady at work that paid for it and when she lost interest I stopped getting the info. After signing up for the 1 Million Kilo Challenge I dont think it's much different. If you were considering the 12WBT I would start off on the 1 million Kilo challenge to see how you like it and how motivated you are to stick with it before you commit to paying all that money for the Michelle Bridges one.

  6. LOVE the idea of a bob !! I wish I was brave enough to cut one

  7. Good luck with your induction hun! How exciting, good on you for giving something new a go.
    LOVE the bob!!