Saturday, January 28, 2012

Australia Day Adventures

So I hear everyone had a great Australia Day! Ours was also fun! This year we decided to go adventuring in Sydney. A few days before I looked up what was going and and decided we should check out the Your Song Music Festival and Markets at The Rocks. It was lots of fun and since Matt hadn't really ventured into that part of Sydney before we went for a walk around the Opera House. We also went on a jet boat ride and even though we were wearing the provided ponchos we still got pretty wet! Here are pictures from our day:
When we got near The Rocks they had set up deck chairs as a chill out area. It was great to watch everyone pass by, even though we got wet bottoms from the rain.

These wheelie bins were actually "mobile discos" they were converted into speakers powered by solar panels on the lid. They were really cool and pretty loud too!

Nomming on some corn on a stick at the makets.

Monet cupcakes. Cookies and Cream on the left and Passionfruit on the right. The icing was yummy but the cake was dense, they were a little disappointing.

One of the stages set up under the Harbour Bridge. Every now and again we'd see the bridge climbers walk past.

The Australian flag; handy for keeping sunburn off your neck!

We bought art! Which now costs more to frame than we paid for the actual pictures. Lol.

And we sat on the railing of the Opera House watching boats sail by and jets fly around.


  1. I love that part of the city, I used to work in The Rocks and I loved going to work everyday. Oh, that corn just made my mouth water! Yum!

  2. Such gorgeous and very Aussie photos, sounds like you had fun!