Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

I think it's a little sad looking but that's probably because I have total Christmas tree envy. I've been stalking the Christmas Tree thread on Vogue Forums and watching everyone post up their pics on FB. Everyones tree's look so beautiful!

But here it is! Our tree! Last year I went for a red and gold theme and this year after spending an hour or more in the shops deciding on a new colour theme, I went with gold and brown/bronze.

Notice the tinsel and mass amount of lights to TRY to give the illusion of extra bushiness. I guess there's not much you can do for a cheap $15 Coles tree! Next year I will definitely be buying a bushier tree.


  1. I like the colour theme :-)
    Are those blue or white lights?

  2. Yey.. Love seeing Christmas Trees...
    After Christmas Sales or even in the new year is a GREAT time to buy an expensive bushy HUGE tree for next to nothing!!


  3. Thanks Jodes! I will definitely keep my eye out after Christmas!

    Miss Directions they are white lights.

    Thanks guys!