Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Button Christmas Cards

Here is a picture of what my Christmas cards look like! I'm very happy with how they look, just nice and simple :)

I made these by drawing three lines with little bows on the end for the "string" in silver texta, I then hot glued the buttons on the end to look like baubles and then I cut out a tag I found on google and glued it on the side and I was done! Easy peasy japanesey!

Unfortunately I've decided I wont be making Christmas ornaments for everyone this year. It's just getting too hectic! When I finish work for the year I'll make some for our own tree but I don't have time to make enough to go with the cards and actually get them out to before Christmas is over. It makes me a little sad :(


  1. Love these! So simple & creative :)
    I've been thinking about sewing some images, onto card, using old Christmas paper. just need to get around to it. I'm running out of time!

  2. I know! I feel like Christmas is coming quicker than normal this year!

    I LOVE the look of sewing on card and paper. Good luck I hope you get round to it! :)

  3. Cute as a button! Nice job - I feel really lazy now for not making my own!

  4. These Christmas Cards are really gorgeous! You are so creative Ash.
    I think your family and friends will love them.

  5. They look great :-) How many did you have to make? I'd love to make my own cards but I'm sending out 100 this year and writing them is taking ages as it is!

  6. Aww thanks guys! Miss Directions I really only have to make about 30 but I still wanted to stick to a basic design so I could pump them out quickly, the messages inside aren't that great, I've just stuck with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :P I'm no good with words.