Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tonight I start Lite n Easy...

I'm kinda following the lead of Domestic Divinity and for the next two weeks before the wedding I'll be chowing down on the microwave meals that have been selected by Lite n Easy.

I'm being realistic here and I know that only doing two weeks of Lite n Easy wont really help my figure. Especially after the crap loads of eating and binge drinking the last three weekends in a row! (Damn Hen's nights/in my case weekend!) I'm mostly doing this for the convenience factor and a little bit of wishful thinking that it will help decrease my pudgy belly atleast a little.

I have a crap load of things to do these next two and a bit weeks! I dont have time to buy, prepare and cook food! I could be using that time for finalising details, making more moustache sticks, FINALLY finishing the speech bubbles that have been sitting in our garage for about 5 months now etc etc. You know? I need every spare second I can get!

I promise after the honeymoon, I will really make an effort to eat healthy!

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