Friday, September 30, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow. I'll love ya tomorrow...

Two of my beautiful friends are getting married! Unfortunately I'm not able to make both of them because one is here in Newcastle and the other is in Sydney so I couldn't even do a sneaky swap half way through receptions. And I'm bridesmaid for Teighan so doing a swap would not be an option anyway. Especially when I have been given the amazing privelege to be by her side for her special day!

Anyway I would like to wish my beautiful friend Bec the most incredible day and all the best. I really wish I could be there because from all your and your hubby to be's hard work I just know it will be amazing and super super fun! Did I mention the reception is in the lobby of a movie theatre? How freaking awesome is that!

And to my gorgeous Teighan, you will look stunning! See you in a few hours to bask in your excitement and help you out! :)
Teighan and I at the Easter Show 2010.

Good luck and Best wishes! Love you girls! :)

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