Monday, September 5, 2011

Matt Goes to a Bucks Night

On Saturday Matt went to our friend Rob's bucks night. They went paint balling during the day and hired a stretch Hummer to go in town. Matt had to miss out on paint balling due to work so when I dropped him off at Rob's house he had a lot of drinking to do to catch up with the rest of the boys.

Matt decided that the night called for a very strong drink so I made the extra trip back to Rob's house with a flask of 151. I didn't get out of the car but I got to see them board the Hummer, it was pretty funny. They were all cheering and carrying on. When Matt came to grab the flask Rob came over too and said "Show us your boobs!" I just laughed at him and Matt said "Get out of it!". Funny funny boys!

After hanging out at Laura's I decided I would go find Khiara since she was in town too and I didn't want to go home only to have to drive back out again when Matt wanted to be picked up. So I messaged Kiz just before 12am to see where she was and I messaged Matt to let him know what I was doing. Not long after I had made plans to meet up with Kiz, Matt messaged me to pick him up.

I got to the club that Matt was at and he got in my car. The conversation went like this:
Ash: So what's happening?
Matt: Whatever you want, beautiful.
Ash: Where's Rob and the other guys?
Matt: We lost him, I dont know where he is!
Ash: Oh okay then... What do you want to do then?
Matt: Whatever you want to do, beautiful.
Ash: Okay then I guess we'll go home then. How was the strip club?
Matt: How did you know about that!?

Let me point out to you that Matt was fairly intoxicated at this point. He rarely drinks so it hit him pretty hard. And boy did he feel it yesterday!

Turns out Rob's dad and his mate picked him up not long before I picked up Matt and they ended up following us to Macca's for a late night snack. Matt was so much more drunk than Rob. Seriously Rob was pretty much sober when we were talking to him. Matt had night shift last night so I pretty much had to take him home but I don't know why Rob called it a night so early!

It was a funny night though. Apparently Rob was violated in that strip club, some funny stories were told. Matt was on struggle street yesterday which was pretty damn funny too.

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