Friday, September 9, 2011

A Little Excitement After Thursday Night Netty

On our drive home last night after netball we stopped at some traffic lights near-ish to home and some red and blue flashing lights a little distance away caught my eye. I'm the kind of person that slows right down when they see a car accident so I was definitely having a sticky at what was going on.

From what I could see a police officer had pulled someone over. I could see the police officer with a flashlight run around the car and then suddenly the car pulled out and started to speed off. Matt had just got a green light at this time but I told him not to go because I could tell that if the car was going to go straight through the lights they would have smashed into us as they were definitely going too fast to stop.

The car ended up doing a u-turn instead of going through the lights but multiple police cars were instantly behind them, so we waited for them to all go past. It was so interesting, Matt and I were both wondering what this person would have done to do a runner like that. We said it'd probably be in the news but then we kind of shrugged it off as it probably wasn't that big of a chase.

Turns out it was! I heard it reported on Triple J news this morning. National News! So I looked it up on our local newspapers website to find out that apparently the guy that did a runner had purposely driven into a police officer and hit them. Apparently the police officer went over the bonnet and another police office shot at the car and grazed the drivers leg! I never saw any of that happen but it was reported to have happened on the street that we were watching them on. It was so dramatic!

We are so lucky that we saw it because if Matt had of turned when the lights went green we could have been in a pretty bad accident. If you want to read a little more about what actually happened, click here.


  1. Wowza that's some excitement! I wonder what the charges relating to the outstanding warrants were?!

  2. I know! I'm interested to find out too...