Thursday, September 1, 2011


On Saturday was my sisters baby shower and as part of my present to her I organised the cake through my friends mum who will be making our wedding cake. When I picked up the baby shower cake, Jenny and I sat down and had a chat about how I wanted the wedding cake to look like. She made a mock up of the smaller cakes and we talked about how I wanted it to look, colours and flavours. She had yellow fondant made up because I originally wanted the colour theme to be green and yellow to match the rest of the wedding colours. After seeing the yellow cake though I changed my mind and decided the green will stay but the yellow cakes can be beige/light brown (kind of to match in with the hessian sack). That way it will look less Australian coloured and a little more wedding-ish.

Mock up cake. Apologies for the blurriness and sideways-ness, as per usual it's and iphone photo and for some reason even though the photo is the right way up in my documents blogger just wants to load it sideways.

Some of the cakes will have patterns in the base fondant and some will just be smooth. Then they will have all different little shapes on them. I gave Jenny some direction but I'm mostly letting her be creative and do her own thing. I have complete faith in her!

Some of the little cakes will be caramel mud and some will be white mud while the main cake will be chocolate mud. I was thinking the other day though that I might ask Jenny to add Kahlua or Frangelico to the main cake to make it either coffee or hazelnut flavoured. Mmmmmm! The smaller cakes will be either green or brown fondant and the main cake will be white with transparent glitter.
I'm expecting it to look somewhere along the lines of this:
Jenny will also be making our cake toppers which will include us and our dogs! :)

Everytime I get something organised or on track for the wedding I'm always super happy for the rest of the day and the excitement just builds up even more!

Now before I leave you I must share a picture of the baby shower cake:
Arghhh it's sideways again! >.< But isn't it cute!

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