Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bec's Hens

Bec's Kitchen Tea and Hen's night was on Saturday and I seriously had sooo much fun.

At the Kitchen Tea- stolen from the MOH's facebook. Bec is in the floral maxi dress.

I didn't know ANYONE other than Bec and one of her bridesmaids but everyone was so lovely and super friendly. One of the games we played was to guess what flavour and brand certain tea's were. Well our team had no idea, so we kept trying to scab half points, it was pretty funny. The other game or activity rather was to decorate aprons, everyone was so creative and took it so seriously! In the end everyone tied because Bec couldn't decide on the best one! Then everyone left to change into their black dresses.

Also stolen from the MOH's facebook.

As I mentioned previously no one knew what we were doing and the Bridesmaids did an excellent job in keeping it all secret. Once we had all assembled the Bridesmaids made sure that Bec was in her appropriate Hen's attire consisting of purple beads, purple feather boa, purple wig, bride to be sash and massive purple bubble wand. I wonder what Bec's favourite colour is...? Ha ha. Then we sat down to watch a video of "Charlie" (Bec's Hubby to Be) telling his Angels (that was us!) that we need to solve clues and find Bosley! We all had our personal missions and mine was to make sure Bec's glass was full all through dinner.

First up was dinner, I completed my mission fairly easily since Bec kept her own glass full the entire time! One of the girls who also didn't know anyone had to make a toast so the poor thing was nervous but she did a great job.

Then when we were given the next clue we were all given a pair of socks, I guessed roller skating or ice skating but it was actually for bowling! Manhattan bowling! It's like a retro bowling place that plays all old school music where they encourage you to dance and sing along, we got up and did the nutbush twice! And we started to do the Macarena but lost interest about half way, who knew the Macarena went so long! We also did the Timewarp and the Chicken dance! When they were making announcements for everyone's birthdays and events we made sure we were the loudest and Bec kept sending everyone up to make song requests.

Our second last clue was to go to the chocolate bar in Bondi for Churros dipped in Chocolate. It was so delicious. Then our last clue was to go back to Bec's where Bosley was waiting for us (he was a picture on the door). Bianca (Bec's bridesmaid) and I were so cold so we rushed to get back to the car forgetting that we left Bec behind, we felt so bad that we were about to call her when the other girls dropped her off! We were cracking jokes that she was the worst bridesmaid ever! Then Bianca decided that we didn't need to use the GPS to get back home and we should just road trip it. Pretty sure we did 2 laps of Bondi, we kept getting caught going down one way or left only streets, somehow ended in the city and then finally ended up on the Eastern Distributor to get us home! It was a pretty funny adventure!

I really have to commend the bridesmaids for all their hard work on both the Kitchen Tea and the Hen's night. It was so completely Bec's style and she loved it! It was great to see that she had such an amazing time! I'm sure everyone else had a fantastic time too, I know I did!

Sorry for the lack of photos, I was too busy having fun to take photos and I could only steal the FB photos that I was in because of silly privacy settings.

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  1. Sounds like a great night! Yay for another purple lover! :)