Friday, September 30, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow. I'll love ya tomorrow...

Two of my beautiful friends are getting married! Unfortunately I'm not able to make both of them because one is here in Newcastle and the other is in Sydney so I couldn't even do a sneaky swap half way through receptions. And I'm bridesmaid for Teighan so doing a swap would not be an option anyway. Especially when I have been given the amazing privelege to be by her side for her special day!

Anyway I would like to wish my beautiful friend Bec the most incredible day and all the best. I really wish I could be there because from all your and your hubby to be's hard work I just know it will be amazing and super super fun! Did I mention the reception is in the lobby of a movie theatre? How freaking awesome is that!

And to my gorgeous Teighan, you will look stunning! See you in a few hours to bask in your excitement and help you out! :)
Teighan and I at the Easter Show 2010.

Good luck and Best wishes! Love you girls! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tonight I start Lite n Easy...

I'm kinda following the lead of Domestic Divinity and for the next two weeks before the wedding I'll be chowing down on the microwave meals that have been selected by Lite n Easy.

I'm being realistic here and I know that only doing two weeks of Lite n Easy wont really help my figure. Especially after the crap loads of eating and binge drinking the last three weekends in a row! (Damn Hen's nights/in my case weekend!) I'm mostly doing this for the convenience factor and a little bit of wishful thinking that it will help decrease my pudgy belly atleast a little.

I have a crap load of things to do these next two and a bit weeks! I dont have time to buy, prepare and cook food! I could be using that time for finalising details, making more moustache sticks, FINALLY finishing the speech bubbles that have been sitting in our garage for about 5 months now etc etc. You know? I need every spare second I can get!

I promise after the honeymoon, I will really make an effort to eat healthy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I spent all evening cutting out moustaches and attaching them to sticks. I need to make about 50 of them because they will be going in the favour bags with little tags that say "We mustache you to check out the photobooth!" Lame, I know, but I thought it was cute when I saw it!

I've made 30 so far. 20 more moustaches to go then I need to make 20 lips! The template I used for the moustaches are courtesy of a blog I stumbled upon, Lisa Welge Photography & Design.

I was going with flowers but I think I might go candles instead...

Coz I'm cheap like that...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still exhausted...

It's day two back at work after my very big birthday/hens weekend and I am still struggling! I promise to put pics up soon and probably write a ridiculously long recount of it (as per usual) but for now you will have to be patient!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Only 19 more minutes till home time! Which means 19 more minutes till my weekend starts! I am super excited! Matt has an early birthday surprise for me since I most likely won't be seeing him tomorrow on my actual birthday. He's told me to rush home so I'm wondering what he has organised! YAYAYAYAY!


Bec's Hens

Bec's Kitchen Tea and Hen's night was on Saturday and I seriously had sooo much fun.

At the Kitchen Tea- stolen from the MOH's facebook. Bec is in the floral maxi dress.

I didn't know ANYONE other than Bec and one of her bridesmaids but everyone was so lovely and super friendly. One of the games we played was to guess what flavour and brand certain tea's were. Well our team had no idea, so we kept trying to scab half points, it was pretty funny. The other game or activity rather was to decorate aprons, everyone was so creative and took it so seriously! In the end everyone tied because Bec couldn't decide on the best one! Then everyone left to change into their black dresses.

Also stolen from the MOH's facebook.

As I mentioned previously no one knew what we were doing and the Bridesmaids did an excellent job in keeping it all secret. Once we had all assembled the Bridesmaids made sure that Bec was in her appropriate Hen's attire consisting of purple beads, purple feather boa, purple wig, bride to be sash and massive purple bubble wand. I wonder what Bec's favourite colour is...? Ha ha. Then we sat down to watch a video of "Charlie" (Bec's Hubby to Be) telling his Angels (that was us!) that we need to solve clues and find Bosley! We all had our personal missions and mine was to make sure Bec's glass was full all through dinner.

First up was dinner, I completed my mission fairly easily since Bec kept her own glass full the entire time! One of the girls who also didn't know anyone had to make a toast so the poor thing was nervous but she did a great job.

Then when we were given the next clue we were all given a pair of socks, I guessed roller skating or ice skating but it was actually for bowling! Manhattan bowling! It's like a retro bowling place that plays all old school music where they encourage you to dance and sing along, we got up and did the nutbush twice! And we started to do the Macarena but lost interest about half way, who knew the Macarena went so long! We also did the Timewarp and the Chicken dance! When they were making announcements for everyone's birthdays and events we made sure we were the loudest and Bec kept sending everyone up to make song requests.

Our second last clue was to go to the chocolate bar in Bondi for Churros dipped in Chocolate. It was so delicious. Then our last clue was to go back to Bec's where Bosley was waiting for us (he was a picture on the door). Bianca (Bec's bridesmaid) and I were so cold so we rushed to get back to the car forgetting that we left Bec behind, we felt so bad that we were about to call her when the other girls dropped her off! We were cracking jokes that she was the worst bridesmaid ever! Then Bianca decided that we didn't need to use the GPS to get back home and we should just road trip it. Pretty sure we did 2 laps of Bondi, we kept getting caught going down one way or left only streets, somehow ended in the city and then finally ended up on the Eastern Distributor to get us home! It was a pretty funny adventure!

I really have to commend the bridesmaids for all their hard work on both the Kitchen Tea and the Hen's night. It was so completely Bec's style and she loved it! It was great to see that she had such an amazing time! I'm sure everyone else had a fantastic time too, I know I did!

Sorry for the lack of photos, I was too busy having fun to take photos and I could only steal the FB photos that I was in because of silly privacy settings.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Another big weekend!

Tomorrow is my lovely friend Bec's Kitchen Tea and Hen's night, so I'm making the trip down to Sydney tonight. I'm excited!

Especially since I don't know what we are doing for the Hen's night, all I know is I have to turn up in a black dress with some money. More excitement! :D

A Little Excitement After Thursday Night Netty

On our drive home last night after netball we stopped at some traffic lights near-ish to home and some red and blue flashing lights a little distance away caught my eye. I'm the kind of person that slows right down when they see a car accident so I was definitely having a sticky at what was going on.

From what I could see a police officer had pulled someone over. I could see the police officer with a flashlight run around the car and then suddenly the car pulled out and started to speed off. Matt had just got a green light at this time but I told him not to go because I could tell that if the car was going to go straight through the lights they would have smashed into us as they were definitely going too fast to stop.

The car ended up doing a u-turn instead of going through the lights but multiple police cars were instantly behind them, so we waited for them to all go past. It was so interesting, Matt and I were both wondering what this person would have done to do a runner like that. We said it'd probably be in the news but then we kind of shrugged it off as it probably wasn't that big of a chase.

Turns out it was! I heard it reported on Triple J news this morning. National News! So I looked it up on our local newspapers website to find out that apparently the guy that did a runner had purposely driven into a police officer and hit them. Apparently the police officer went over the bonnet and another police office shot at the car and grazed the drivers leg! I never saw any of that happen but it was reported to have happened on the street that we were watching them on. It was so dramatic!

We are so lucky that we saw it because if Matt had of turned when the lights went green we could have been in a pretty bad accident. If you want to read a little more about what actually happened, click here.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crisis Solved

So I talked to Matt the other night about the +1 debacle. Well I guess it wasn't really a crisis OR a debacle, just unexpected and I worked myself up a little too much over the situation.

But he said to definitely invite this extra person because we were all fairly good friends back in high school. We are certain that no one else will be surprising us with a sneaky +1 since all the people left to RSVP have their partners invited anyway.

Isn't it funny though that the people we were told we HAD to invite are the ones who are still yet to RSVP? Only one more day left before the RSVP date. I wonder if they'll get them in!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I thought it was common sense that the person on the invite was the only person invited. If there is no + 1 written on the invite YOU DONT GET A PLUS ONE!

I am so frustrated! I'm not sure how to deal with this yet because I've already said yes to one person bringing their partner and figured it'd only be fair to invite another person's partner so I actually put their name on the invite. Then someone else comes along and outright says they are bringing a plus one! I'm sorry what?

I think I'm going to have to talk to Matt. I want to invite this plus one but I don't know if we can really afford that one extra person. We'll have to see how it goes.

On another point, I got the funniest RSVP yesterday:
All my iphone pictures seem to come up sideways >.< But under the food/dietary requirements it says "Rob is a vegetarian but eats sausage rolls" LOL!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Matt Goes to a Bucks Night

On Saturday Matt went to our friend Rob's bucks night. They went paint balling during the day and hired a stretch Hummer to go in town. Matt had to miss out on paint balling due to work so when I dropped him off at Rob's house he had a lot of drinking to do to catch up with the rest of the boys.

Matt decided that the night called for a very strong drink so I made the extra trip back to Rob's house with a flask of 151. I didn't get out of the car but I got to see them board the Hummer, it was pretty funny. They were all cheering and carrying on. When Matt came to grab the flask Rob came over too and said "Show us your boobs!" I just laughed at him and Matt said "Get out of it!". Funny funny boys!

After hanging out at Laura's I decided I would go find Khiara since she was in town too and I didn't want to go home only to have to drive back out again when Matt wanted to be picked up. So I messaged Kiz just before 12am to see where she was and I messaged Matt to let him know what I was doing. Not long after I had made plans to meet up with Kiz, Matt messaged me to pick him up.

I got to the club that Matt was at and he got in my car. The conversation went like this:
Ash: So what's happening?
Matt: Whatever you want, beautiful.
Ash: Where's Rob and the other guys?
Matt: We lost him, I dont know where he is!
Ash: Oh okay then... What do you want to do then?
Matt: Whatever you want to do, beautiful.
Ash: Okay then I guess we'll go home then. How was the strip club?
Matt: How did you know about that!?

Let me point out to you that Matt was fairly intoxicated at this point. He rarely drinks so it hit him pretty hard. And boy did he feel it yesterday!

Turns out Rob's dad and his mate picked him up not long before I picked up Matt and they ended up following us to Macca's for a late night snack. Matt was so much more drunk than Rob. Seriously Rob was pretty much sober when we were talking to him. Matt had night shift last night so I pretty much had to take him home but I don't know why Rob called it a night so early!

It was a funny night though. Apparently Rob was violated in that strip club, some funny stories were told. Matt was on struggle street yesterday which was pretty damn funny too.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Today's painting efforts.

Blackboard sign posts and bunting. Almost finished the DIY projects! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tie material. Close enough.

Top: Material for ties. Bottom: Bridesmaid dress.

Our suit tailoring place is making ties for the boys and this is the closest colour I could find to the bridesmaid dresses.

Unless I'm looking in all the wrong places, Newcastle is pretty limited in the way of fabrics and materials. We have Spotlight and a few little material stores but that's it.

Something tells me though that I would have had troubles trying to find a matching colour unless I got it straight from the dressmaker in America but I don't have time for that!

I'm pretty happy with it regardless. :)


Just a special shout out to my maid of honor Khiara. She is amazing.

She listens to my bridezilla ranting and always makes me feel better.

I love that even at 12 o'clock at night when she's out getting drunk with other friends she still calls me when I have a crisis. That is why she is my best friend and maid of honour.

I love her.

Right now...

I am lying in bed. Still.

I'm taking advantage of a Saturday with very little plans. It's great.

Going on a picnic later with my girls and Garrath. But he counts as one of the girls anyways.

Looking forward to relaxing before a busy Fathers Day tomorrow :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


On Saturday was my sisters baby shower and as part of my present to her I organised the cake through my friends mum who will be making our wedding cake. When I picked up the baby shower cake, Jenny and I sat down and had a chat about how I wanted the wedding cake to look like. She made a mock up of the smaller cakes and we talked about how I wanted it to look, colours and flavours. She had yellow fondant made up because I originally wanted the colour theme to be green and yellow to match the rest of the wedding colours. After seeing the yellow cake though I changed my mind and decided the green will stay but the yellow cakes can be beige/light brown (kind of to match in with the hessian sack). That way it will look less Australian coloured and a little more wedding-ish.

Mock up cake. Apologies for the blurriness and sideways-ness, as per usual it's and iphone photo and for some reason even though the photo is the right way up in my documents blogger just wants to load it sideways.

Some of the cakes will have patterns in the base fondant and some will just be smooth. Then they will have all different little shapes on them. I gave Jenny some direction but I'm mostly letting her be creative and do her own thing. I have complete faith in her!

Some of the little cakes will be caramel mud and some will be white mud while the main cake will be chocolate mud. I was thinking the other day though that I might ask Jenny to add Kahlua or Frangelico to the main cake to make it either coffee or hazelnut flavoured. Mmmmmm! The smaller cakes will be either green or brown fondant and the main cake will be white with transparent glitter.
I'm expecting it to look somewhere along the lines of this:
Jenny will also be making our cake toppers which will include us and our dogs! :)

Everytime I get something organised or on track for the wedding I'm always super happy for the rest of the day and the excitement just builds up even more!

Now before I leave you I must share a picture of the baby shower cake:
Arghhh it's sideways again! >.< But isn't it cute!