Friday, August 26, 2011

The week that was...

This week has been a very productive week!

Saturday, I had my hair trial! Unfortunately I dont have any pics because my hairdresser was a little adament that I changed the style so no one knew what my hair was going to be like. She's a funny one but I love her! Then it was time for Teighan's bridal shower, I was stressed the whole time because I wanted everything to run perfectly for Teighan. Turns out she had a great time anyways!

Sunday, we went suit shopping for Matt. We were very surprised to find that most shops were having a sale so we bought two suits! No Matt isn't going to be a two suit man at our wedding, one is for Teighan and Robs wedding and the other is for our own. I have to say I hate suit shopping as much as I hate wedding dress shopping. You know how after a while wedding dresses all mould into the one poofy white blur? Well the same concept can be applied to suits except they are all dark and straight.

Monday, our Celebrant came over and we wrote our ceremony! Well I was a little excited after our first celebrant meeting that I had pinched things from other ceremony's found on the interwebz and kind of wrote our own mish-mashed ceremony beforehand. So we really only tweaked it a little and our celebrant will rewrite it to have the legal stuff in it and format it properly. We just have to write our vows now! I'm thinking of setting them out the same but we write them ourselves privately so they are a surprise. Kind of like "I love you because..." "Thank you for..." "I vow to..."

Tuesday, Matt's mum came over because she wanted me to make a slideshow of photos for Matt's grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary. I spent the afternoon scanning photos in and listening to Matt's mum stroll down memory lane. I really enjoyed looking at photos of when everyone was younger!

Aren't they beautiful!

Wednesday, I called in to work sick. *sad panda* After having such busy weekends and working myself up stressing out about trivial things, I'd become exhausted and sickness grabbed me. I slept until midday, took some drugs and then I was fine! So I spent the afternoon getting the last of our invitations out and finishing the slideshow for Matt's grandparents. And my wedding lipstick arrived from Strawberry Net!

Chanel No. 10 Camelia

Thursday, I finally chatted to our event hire guy! He is all set and we are going out to Murrays Beach a week before the wedding so I can tell him how I want everything set up. We also kicked butt at netball last night! The team we were meant to play didn't show up so we played a fill in team and we tied! Then we filled in for another team afterwards and we won! First win ever! Even though it doesn't count coz it was a fill in game. But the first game counts because it was win by default! Yeeew!

Now today is Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday... Sorry whenever anyone says Friday that song gets stuck in my head. Today I thankfully have nothing planned! I think I might convince Matt to go on a date so we can have a nice relaxing dinner :)

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