Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday Night Netball

I may have mentioned yonks ago that a group of friends and I play mixed indoor netball on Thursday nights. We used to be called the Dunlop Volleys but we stopped playing due to some pretty poor quality referees but after a call from management convincing us things have changed we came back as the Go Easy's!

We are seriously the worst team in the comp, we have never won a game yet. Last week we came very close to winning but we tied.

This week however was the most eventful week of netball since one of our team mates told the ref's she was f***ed and the whole place is ridiculous. Funny story that.
We ended up playing two games because we filled in for a team that cancelled on the second game. In those two thirty minute games we had two rolled ankles and one bloody nose. That bloody nose was mine! I actually think it was pretty funny.

The first rolled ankle was in the first game, the team was really competitive and starting to get frustrated with us because they didn't know they could pass off the net. I was getting frustrated back at them because they were taking their competitiveness too far and weren't very nice people. I was GA and the GD and C were really blocking me whenever it was our sides turn to start, which fair enough they can do that but honestly they were basically hugging me without the arms. They were flogging us anyway, couldn't they have eased off just a little! But anyways about half way through the first half I jumped up to grab the ball and GD was on me like a bad smell so she also jumped up for the ball behind me but she landed on her feet funny, rolled her ankle and fell to the ground. Meanwhile I knew she was behind me but didn't realise she was that close, I got the ball, landed on my feet turn around to pass to see the girl on the floor crying in pain! I was a bit mean and threw the ball to the ground then said "that's not my fault!" whilst pointing at her which made Teighan laugh. I was frustrated and thought she was doing one of those stupid soccer fake injuries so she could get the ball! I just wanted to keep playing.

Then in the second half of the game karma got back at me for being terrible. Laura jumped in to help out the other team so she was defending against me. It was the other teams turn to start with the ball and they threw it towards Laura but I ran to get ball and so did Garrath. All three of us were running at the ball and I some how managed to run in under Garrath's arm as he was bringing it down and his elbow smashed me in the nose, I was shocked and fell to the ground. I got back up gave Garrath a kick and then walked off shaking, crying and starting to bleed. I wish I wasn't crying because I looked like a sook and it seriously didn't hurt THAT bad. I was still shaking when I got some tissues so I sat down and missed the last half of the game.

The last rolled ankle happened to another one of our team members in the second game, yet again with me in the vicinity. I think I was bad luck yesterday!

Either way I still had fun! I love Thursday night netball!

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