Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten weeks!

I cant remember what we were exactly talking about but the other day whilst I was driving Matt said "You know the wedding is only about eight weeks away." Which got me into a little bit of a frenzy and said "EIGHT WEEKS THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!?" He recalculated in his head and ended up with ten weeks.

Phew! That's a little better, minus the fact the I haven't organised ANY transport! I guess we'll either be walking or swimming to the ceremony. Ha ha! I was going to book a Kombi van but Matt never said I could defnitely book it so when the guy emailed me back saying someone else was enquiring about our date also I just said let them have it, I know wish I had of just paid the deposit and booked him in. Oh well I'll figure something out, we are staying just around the corner.

On Saturday we had a meeting with our venue lady and took our photographer out with us as she hadn't been to Murray's Beach before. I feel a lot better now knowing that our Reception is pretty much almost sorted, we just need to pick the menus and make sure our photobooth fits down the ramp as there is limited access into our venue. After our meeting we went for a stroll to scope out places for our photos. Our photographer took some photos of the area and our venue to refer back to, which I will post up once I have them.

After Matt's comment on how much longer we have to go, I kicked my butt into gear and started to finish off the craft projects that I half heartedly started months ago. All the favour bags have been painted and the little badges have been attached, I painted the sides of the speech bubble chalkboards and this afternoon I will be gluing on the handles. I will also put our direction signs together.

Other things I will need to do in the upcoming weeks include:
  • Get in contact with celebrant and get started on writing our ceremony
    • Also get started on vows
  • Buy and dye singlets for flower girl outfits
    • Get flowergirl E's measurements to send to my aunty so she can finish sewing the skirt
  • Get wedding dress altered - Hemmed up and train shortened a little, maybe change bustle
  • Get in contact with our event hire guy, organise him!
  • Actually decide on my flowers and tell florist
  • Fill favour bags
    • Get matches, make tag for sparklers, make OOS, make Moustache sticks
  • Get presents for Bridal Party members
  • Hair Trial - Booked in for the 19th August
  • Make Up Trial - Booked in for the 14th August
  • Make sure the boys go in and get fitted for their suits 4/5
  • Make sure the girls get shoes 1/5
  • Choose songs for reception, Entrance, First Dance, Bouquet & Garter Toss
  • Get veil & hair piece\
  • Booked and paid deposit for Kombi van
And that's all I can think of at the top of my head. So I will leave you a picture of my pretty wedding earrings! I got them in the mail yonks ago but I never blogged about them coz I was lazy.
I was testing them out to make sure I could wear them ALL day. They are surprisingly light and dont irritate my ears like alot of other earrings do. WIN!


  1. Have fun with your hair and make up trial! Chic Artistry are amazing. The girls are so lovely. xx

  2. I really like these earrings. :)