Thursday, August 11, 2011

The last few wedding location photos - Shoot locations

So this is it, these are the last lot of photos that Lanelle took whilst she was out with us. After we checked out the reception venue, ceremony location and the jetty we decided to stroll around to look for beautiful shoot locations.

On our way we met this little guy. As we were walking up to it I thought he must have been injured because he didn't move at all the closer we got. Turns out he was just a baby, I think he must have fallen out of his tree because he couldn't fly but as soon as we got really close he decided to scurry away. (I have no idea if it was a boy, I just have a habit of calling things boys)

This is a spot that Matt pointed out. He wants to have photos much closer to the water.

More beautiful scenery.

Matt strolling along pointing out places.

This is where I thought we could have our first look but I'm starting to think it would be easier to just have it at Raffertys Resort. Especially since we'll both be staying there in separate villas.

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