Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Lakehouse Cafe - Reception Venue Pics

As I said in my last post we took our photographer out to Murrays Beach with us on Saturday to scope out locations for shots and to help me visualise where everything will be going.

Here are some shots of our reception venue:

Inside The Lakehouse Cafe standing from towards the entrance facing in. On the left is a bit of a nook which is where the band will be set up and the corner on the right is where the photobooth will be set up. Our venue lady Bec planned on having the photobooth on the other side of the cafe but where it's going now has the best position for power outlets.

Looking from the nook area. The entrance is on the right which is also where the bar is. There will be fairy lights and paper lanterns strung across the ceiling.

The bar. Our wishing well will be placed on the bar. It's cocktail reception so food and drinks will all be by tray service, there wont be any stools along the bar they will be placed outside on the balcony.


View from the balcony.

It looks really small in the photos but it's not THAT small. Also all the glass doors open up so hopefully that should give a feeling of more space.

As it is a cocktail reception we will only be having six small square tables on the inside (includes kids table and guestbook table) and another six tables outside. I'm a little worried that when people start to get tired there wont be enough seats but Bec assured us that it's sufficient. She said that we really only need seats for olds and girls who wear heels, as guys just love to stand. I sure hope she's right *fingers crossed*

I had dropped the idea of giving everyone thongs to cut costs but I think it might be a worthy decision if most people have to stand for most of the night!

Pics of ceremony location and surronds to come.

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