Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ceremony and Jetty for Sparkler Send Off

So I finally take the time to post the photos of our ceremony location and then blogger decided to cark it. It didn't want to load any photos or save ANYTHING >.< I probably hear this a million times a day but technology is excellent...when it works.

Here are the photos:
So this is me planning out. Making sure we have enough room for the bigillion people in our bridal party.

Here! Here is where our ceremony will be held. I probably should have got Lanelle to take a shot from further back or in landscape to show everyone more of the surrounds but meh.

Looking from the photographers point of view the jetty is to the left of our ceremony spot. We haven't quite figured it out yet but we hope to have the sparkler send off on the jetty and then leave by boat. We're unsure of whether the boys will arrive by boat as well or just take the extra trip in the Kombi.

Closer view of the jetty. We will definitely be having the sparkler send off it's just a matter of whether we can get a boat for our departure. If we cant get a boat then we'll just run from the end of the jetty back onto the land and run off into the car park!

Anyways that's all that Blogger will let me upload. *sad panda* Just when I was all motivated to show you more photos!

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  1. We did pics just like this, although we were unlucky as rain was forecast and had to move it indoors.