Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Busy!

This weekend just been was pretty busy for me! On Saturday I had a 9am start with getting a spray tan to make sure I was ready for my make up trial on Sunday, then I had to rush into town to get to my teeth whitening appointment, then pick up my dress from the alterations lady take that back home and then I headed out to Salt Ash to help the lovely Kat finish our invitations to be ready to send out.

I'm really happy to say that the invitations are FINISHED! Minus about 10 which will have to wait till next week for me to make due to lack of addresses and adding extra people to our guest list. They are sitting in my car ready for me to drop by the mail box and send them out! Kat and I spent all Saturday afternoon cutting, folding, assembling and tying bows. Kat's mum also helped us out and Kat's daughter Emily (who will be one of our gorgeous flower girls) also joined us. We had a little trouble putting them in the envelopes because I made the pocketfolds just a smidgen too wide but we ended up putting them in sideways and they fit perfectly. I'll post up photos once I start getting RSVP's back.

Then Saturday night we went out to tea with Teighan and Rob so that we could ask Teg's if she would MC for us. She graciously accepted! Yay! She was actually excited about it so I was really happy!

On Sunday I had my make up trial. I LOVED it! I cannot recommend Kylie from Chic Artistry enough. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos till after I had been out all day, so my lipstick wore off and I had smudged my eye make up a bit. But here are a couple of photos anyway:
This is a photo in the day without flash. Sorry about the dodgy iphone pic, I couldn't be bothered looking for our camera. I love how the false lashes make my eyes look bigger, I loved the lipstick but as you can tell it's completely rubbed off.

With flash later at night. You can see the smokey eye a little better in this pic. Also check out how amazingly white my teeth are! I think it's a combination of the flash and the spray tan because my teeth dont look like that in the first pic.



  1. The eyes look amazing :) so do your teeth, so whiiiiiiite! x

  2. Looking absolutely stunning AshMac! And what a busy weekend you had to boot... You must be getting so excited that your wedding is so close!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm getting really excited! :D