Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday/Hens Weekend

I am so excited for my birthday this year because it also doubles as my hens weekend! I have taken the day off work for my birthday which is conveniently on a Friday. I was booked in to see my hairdresser in the morning but apparently the girls have a surprise for me so I had to push it back to the afternoon. No offence to my girls but I really hope the surprise is better than last years. Last year they said they had a surprise day sorted out for me but when Laura turned up to my house she pretty much said "Today is all about you, so you tell us what you want to do!" Well I wanted a surprise and to not have to think about what to do like I do pretty much everyday anyways but the thought was still there and I did appreciate it.
But the plan for the rest of the weekend is to go to Strike Bowling Bar on Friday night for some cocktails bowling and karaoke! We have to dress up like diva's or rockstars so I'm excited to see what everyone turns up as. I imagine there may be a fair few Lady Gaga's!

Then Saturday morning is my Bridal Shower, I'm very much looking forward to toilet paper dresses! Then Saturday night we plan to train it to Sydney and have a night out on the Cross. Since we love to dress up so much the theme that night will be occupations and uniforms.

The whole weekend is going to be super trashy and I wouldn't want it any other way! Seriously when else am I going to have the excuse to be trashy and embarrasing like every other Bride to be on their hens night.

I'm thinking I will dress up as Elvis on Friday night, but I have no idea what to dress up as on the Saturday. Suggestions would be handy!

Only 17 more days to go! :D

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