Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday/Hens Weekend

I am so excited for my birthday this year because it also doubles as my hens weekend! I have taken the day off work for my birthday which is conveniently on a Friday. I was booked in to see my hairdresser in the morning but apparently the girls have a surprise for me so I had to push it back to the afternoon. No offence to my girls but I really hope the surprise is better than last years. Last year they said they had a surprise day sorted out for me but when Laura turned up to my house she pretty much said "Today is all about you, so you tell us what you want to do!" Well I wanted a surprise and to not have to think about what to do like I do pretty much everyday anyways but the thought was still there and I did appreciate it.
But the plan for the rest of the weekend is to go to Strike Bowling Bar on Friday night for some cocktails bowling and karaoke! We have to dress up like diva's or rockstars so I'm excited to see what everyone turns up as. I imagine there may be a fair few Lady Gaga's!

Then Saturday morning is my Bridal Shower, I'm very much looking forward to toilet paper dresses! Then Saturday night we plan to train it to Sydney and have a night out on the Cross. Since we love to dress up so much the theme that night will be occupations and uniforms.

The whole weekend is going to be super trashy and I wouldn't want it any other way! Seriously when else am I going to have the excuse to be trashy and embarrasing like every other Bride to be on their hens night.

I'm thinking I will dress up as Elvis on Friday night, but I have no idea what to dress up as on the Saturday. Suggestions would be handy!

Only 17 more days to go! :D

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Final Invitations!

I have finally finally sent out all the invitations and started getting RSVP's back so now I can post up some photos.

What you first see when you pull the invite out of the envelope.

Inside of invite.

And the rest is pretty self explanatory!

I dont have any pictures of the envelopes because I forgot to take any before I sent them all out.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The week that was...

This week has been a very productive week!

Saturday, I had my hair trial! Unfortunately I dont have any pics because my hairdresser was a little adament that I changed the style so no one knew what my hair was going to be like. She's a funny one but I love her! Then it was time for Teighan's bridal shower, I was stressed the whole time because I wanted everything to run perfectly for Teighan. Turns out she had a great time anyways!

Sunday, we went suit shopping for Matt. We were very surprised to find that most shops were having a sale so we bought two suits! No Matt isn't going to be a two suit man at our wedding, one is for Teighan and Robs wedding and the other is for our own. I have to say I hate suit shopping as much as I hate wedding dress shopping. You know how after a while wedding dresses all mould into the one poofy white blur? Well the same concept can be applied to suits except they are all dark and straight.

Monday, our Celebrant came over and we wrote our ceremony! Well I was a little excited after our first celebrant meeting that I had pinched things from other ceremony's found on the interwebz and kind of wrote our own mish-mashed ceremony beforehand. So we really only tweaked it a little and our celebrant will rewrite it to have the legal stuff in it and format it properly. We just have to write our vows now! I'm thinking of setting them out the same but we write them ourselves privately so they are a surprise. Kind of like "I love you because..." "Thank you for..." "I vow to..."

Tuesday, Matt's mum came over because she wanted me to make a slideshow of photos for Matt's grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary. I spent the afternoon scanning photos in and listening to Matt's mum stroll down memory lane. I really enjoyed looking at photos of when everyone was younger!

Aren't they beautiful!

Wednesday, I called in to work sick. *sad panda* After having such busy weekends and working myself up stressing out about trivial things, I'd become exhausted and sickness grabbed me. I slept until midday, took some drugs and then I was fine! So I spent the afternoon getting the last of our invitations out and finishing the slideshow for Matt's grandparents. And my wedding lipstick arrived from Strawberry Net!

Chanel No. 10 Camelia

Thursday, I finally chatted to our event hire guy! He is all set and we are going out to Murrays Beach a week before the wedding so I can tell him how I want everything set up. We also kicked butt at netball last night! The team we were meant to play didn't show up so we played a fill in team and we tied! Then we filled in for another team afterwards and we won! First win ever! Even though it doesn't count coz it was a fill in game. But the first game counts because it was win by default! Yeeew!

Now today is Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday... Sorry whenever anyone says Friday that song gets stuck in my head. Today I thankfully have nothing planned! I think I might convince Matt to go on a date so we can have a nice relaxing dinner :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Busy!

This weekend just been was pretty busy for me! On Saturday I had a 9am start with getting a spray tan to make sure I was ready for my make up trial on Sunday, then I had to rush into town to get to my teeth whitening appointment, then pick up my dress from the alterations lady take that back home and then I headed out to Salt Ash to help the lovely Kat finish our invitations to be ready to send out.

I'm really happy to say that the invitations are FINISHED! Minus about 10 which will have to wait till next week for me to make due to lack of addresses and adding extra people to our guest list. They are sitting in my car ready for me to drop by the mail box and send them out! Kat and I spent all Saturday afternoon cutting, folding, assembling and tying bows. Kat's mum also helped us out and Kat's daughter Emily (who will be one of our gorgeous flower girls) also joined us. We had a little trouble putting them in the envelopes because I made the pocketfolds just a smidgen too wide but we ended up putting them in sideways and they fit perfectly. I'll post up photos once I start getting RSVP's back.

Then Saturday night we went out to tea with Teighan and Rob so that we could ask Teg's if she would MC for us. She graciously accepted! Yay! She was actually excited about it so I was really happy!

On Sunday I had my make up trial. I LOVED it! I cannot recommend Kylie from Chic Artistry enough. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos till after I had been out all day, so my lipstick wore off and I had smudged my eye make up a bit. But here are a couple of photos anyway:
This is a photo in the day without flash. Sorry about the dodgy iphone pic, I couldn't be bothered looking for our camera. I love how the false lashes make my eyes look bigger, I loved the lipstick but as you can tell it's completely rubbed off.

With flash later at night. You can see the smokey eye a little better in this pic. Also check out how amazingly white my teeth are! I think it's a combination of the flash and the spray tan because my teeth dont look like that in the first pic.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday Night Netball

I may have mentioned yonks ago that a group of friends and I play mixed indoor netball on Thursday nights. We used to be called the Dunlop Volleys but we stopped playing due to some pretty poor quality referees but after a call from management convincing us things have changed we came back as the Go Easy's!

We are seriously the worst team in the comp, we have never won a game yet. Last week we came very close to winning but we tied.

This week however was the most eventful week of netball since one of our team mates told the ref's she was f***ed and the whole place is ridiculous. Funny story that.
We ended up playing two games because we filled in for a team that cancelled on the second game. In those two thirty minute games we had two rolled ankles and one bloody nose. That bloody nose was mine! I actually think it was pretty funny.

The first rolled ankle was in the first game, the team was really competitive and starting to get frustrated with us because they didn't know they could pass off the net. I was getting frustrated back at them because they were taking their competitiveness too far and weren't very nice people. I was GA and the GD and C were really blocking me whenever it was our sides turn to start, which fair enough they can do that but honestly they were basically hugging me without the arms. They were flogging us anyway, couldn't they have eased off just a little! But anyways about half way through the first half I jumped up to grab the ball and GD was on me like a bad smell so she also jumped up for the ball behind me but she landed on her feet funny, rolled her ankle and fell to the ground. Meanwhile I knew she was behind me but didn't realise she was that close, I got the ball, landed on my feet turn around to pass to see the girl on the floor crying in pain! I was a bit mean and threw the ball to the ground then said "that's not my fault!" whilst pointing at her which made Teighan laugh. I was frustrated and thought she was doing one of those stupid soccer fake injuries so she could get the ball! I just wanted to keep playing.

Then in the second half of the game karma got back at me for being terrible. Laura jumped in to help out the other team so she was defending against me. It was the other teams turn to start with the ball and they threw it towards Laura but I ran to get ball and so did Garrath. All three of us were running at the ball and I some how managed to run in under Garrath's arm as he was bringing it down and his elbow smashed me in the nose, I was shocked and fell to the ground. I got back up gave Garrath a kick and then walked off shaking, crying and starting to bleed. I wish I wasn't crying because I looked like a sook and it seriously didn't hurt THAT bad. I was still shaking when I got some tissues so I sat down and missed the last half of the game.

The last rolled ankle happened to another one of our team members in the second game, yet again with me in the vicinity. I think I was bad luck yesterday!

Either way I still had fun! I love Thursday night netball!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The last few wedding location photos - Shoot locations

So this is it, these are the last lot of photos that Lanelle took whilst she was out with us. After we checked out the reception venue, ceremony location and the jetty we decided to stroll around to look for beautiful shoot locations.

On our way we met this little guy. As we were walking up to it I thought he must have been injured because he didn't move at all the closer we got. Turns out he was just a baby, I think he must have fallen out of his tree because he couldn't fly but as soon as we got really close he decided to scurry away. (I have no idea if it was a boy, I just have a habit of calling things boys)

This is a spot that Matt pointed out. He wants to have photos much closer to the water.

More beautiful scenery.

Matt strolling along pointing out places.

This is where I thought we could have our first look but I'm starting to think it would be easier to just have it at Raffertys Resort. Especially since we'll both be staying there in separate villas.

My Wednesday in Instagram Pics

Yesterday I went a little crazy with Instagram. Here is the result:

I wrapped up my sisters baby shower present.

Gathered all the stuff I've bought to put towards my lovely friends bridal shower present. I was being cheeky when I bought the pink tools.

My healthy lunch! This was only half of it, I'd already eaten two before I decided to share it with the world.

Petit Miam for small hands, but I got a small spoon and nommed away.

Recipe cards that I created to go with my bridal shower invitations, that I took over... woops! Atleast my girls know that I'm a control freak and kind of embrace it.

Haha ciao for now!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ceremony and Jetty for Sparkler Send Off

So I finally take the time to post the photos of our ceremony location and then blogger decided to cark it. It didn't want to load any photos or save ANYTHING >.< I probably hear this a million times a day but technology is excellent...when it works.

Here are the photos:
So this is me planning out. Making sure we have enough room for the bigillion people in our bridal party.

Here! Here is where our ceremony will be held. I probably should have got Lanelle to take a shot from further back or in landscape to show everyone more of the surrounds but meh.

Looking from the photographers point of view the jetty is to the left of our ceremony spot. We haven't quite figured it out yet but we hope to have the sparkler send off on the jetty and then leave by boat. We're unsure of whether the boys will arrive by boat as well or just take the extra trip in the Kombi.

Closer view of the jetty. We will definitely be having the sparkler send off it's just a matter of whether we can get a boat for our departure. If we cant get a boat then we'll just run from the end of the jetty back onto the land and run off into the car park!

Anyways that's all that Blogger will let me upload. *sad panda* Just when I was all motivated to show you more photos!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Do List

Check out my progress! One week and I can get a lot done!


If the vans a rockin...

Yes I have been slack slack slack and I have lots of other things to blog about like the showing you guys the rest of our location photos but I just booked this beast to take us to our ceremony and get photos with.
Photo taken from Newcastle Kombi Hire.

Say hello to Porridge! Porridge has kindly taken the task of doing two trips to get the bridal party to the church on time! (Well not church, park). I emailed the guy the other day to see if someone had in fact booked our date and they hadn't. Yay!

Soo happy we finally have some transport! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Lakehouse Cafe - Reception Venue Pics

As I said in my last post we took our photographer out to Murrays Beach with us on Saturday to scope out locations for shots and to help me visualise where everything will be going.

Here are some shots of our reception venue:

Inside The Lakehouse Cafe standing from towards the entrance facing in. On the left is a bit of a nook which is where the band will be set up and the corner on the right is where the photobooth will be set up. Our venue lady Bec planned on having the photobooth on the other side of the cafe but where it's going now has the best position for power outlets.

Looking from the nook area. The entrance is on the right which is also where the bar is. There will be fairy lights and paper lanterns strung across the ceiling.

The bar. Our wishing well will be placed on the bar. It's cocktail reception so food and drinks will all be by tray service, there wont be any stools along the bar they will be placed outside on the balcony.


View from the balcony.

It looks really small in the photos but it's not THAT small. Also all the glass doors open up so hopefully that should give a feeling of more space.

As it is a cocktail reception we will only be having six small square tables on the inside (includes kids table and guestbook table) and another six tables outside. I'm a little worried that when people start to get tired there wont be enough seats but Bec assured us that it's sufficient. She said that we really only need seats for olds and girls who wear heels, as guys just love to stand. I sure hope she's right *fingers crossed*

I had dropped the idea of giving everyone thongs to cut costs but I think it might be a worthy decision if most people have to stand for most of the night!

Pics of ceremony location and surronds to come.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten weeks!

I cant remember what we were exactly talking about but the other day whilst I was driving Matt said "You know the wedding is only about eight weeks away." Which got me into a little bit of a frenzy and said "EIGHT WEEKS THAT CAN'T BE RIGHT!?" He recalculated in his head and ended up with ten weeks.

Phew! That's a little better, minus the fact the I haven't organised ANY transport! I guess we'll either be walking or swimming to the ceremony. Ha ha! I was going to book a Kombi van but Matt never said I could defnitely book it so when the guy emailed me back saying someone else was enquiring about our date also I just said let them have it, I know wish I had of just paid the deposit and booked him in. Oh well I'll figure something out, we are staying just around the corner.

On Saturday we had a meeting with our venue lady and took our photographer out with us as she hadn't been to Murray's Beach before. I feel a lot better now knowing that our Reception is pretty much almost sorted, we just need to pick the menus and make sure our photobooth fits down the ramp as there is limited access into our venue. After our meeting we went for a stroll to scope out places for our photos. Our photographer took some photos of the area and our venue to refer back to, which I will post up once I have them.

After Matt's comment on how much longer we have to go, I kicked my butt into gear and started to finish off the craft projects that I half heartedly started months ago. All the favour bags have been painted and the little badges have been attached, I painted the sides of the speech bubble chalkboards and this afternoon I will be gluing on the handles. I will also put our direction signs together.

Other things I will need to do in the upcoming weeks include:
  • Get in contact with celebrant and get started on writing our ceremony
    • Also get started on vows
  • Buy and dye singlets for flower girl outfits
    • Get flowergirl E's measurements to send to my aunty so she can finish sewing the skirt
  • Get wedding dress altered - Hemmed up and train shortened a little, maybe change bustle
  • Get in contact with our event hire guy, organise him!
  • Actually decide on my flowers and tell florist
  • Fill favour bags
    • Get matches, make tag for sparklers, make OOS, make Moustache sticks
  • Get presents for Bridal Party members
  • Hair Trial - Booked in for the 19th August
  • Make Up Trial - Booked in for the 14th August
  • Make sure the boys go in and get fitted for their suits 4/5
  • Make sure the girls get shoes 1/5
  • Choose songs for reception, Entrance, First Dance, Bouquet & Garter Toss
  • Get veil & hair piece\
  • Booked and paid deposit for Kombi van
And that's all I can think of at the top of my head. So I will leave you a picture of my pretty wedding earrings! I got them in the mail yonks ago but I never blogged about them coz I was lazy.
I was testing them out to make sure I could wear them ALL day. They are surprisingly light and dont irritate my ears like alot of other earrings do. WIN!

Monday, August 1, 2011


We went to the Newcastle Home Show and met Don Burke! I was so nervous I stuttered when I asked if we could get a photo with him.

I had to let a stranger take our photo and they obviously didn't know how to use focus on an iPhone so apologies for the dodgy pic.