Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Invitations: Take 561

You may remember my original post about our invite draft. Well fogret about it!

I did end up designing it, had it all pretty and even made a mock up. I then took it to the post office to ask if my innovative foldy, non envelope invite was postable and it was! It just needed to be sealed on the edges so it wouldn't get caught in the sorting machine. Well, that was it, I couldn't figure out how I wanted to seal the sides so I put it in the too hard basket and decided to start again.

I swear I've been working on our invitations for atleast 3 months now. In that time I've shown Matt about 10 different mock ups that were all pretty similar with only small changes along the way.

I finally drew inspiration from a friend's brothers wedding invitation from a few years back. It now includes everything that I wanted from this post minus the z-fold/tri-fold because we ended up going with a pocketfold envelope!

When it came time to buying paper I seriously went all over town. All I wanted was shimmery white A3 Cardstock. The only place I could find what I wanted was from a local Newsagency and it didn't have enough. So I went back the following week and picked up some more after it had been restocked. Turns out I grabbed the wrong colour the second time and didn't get a receipt, so half our invites will be cream and the other half will be white. But who's going to care? Not me!

Yesterday I printed out most of the invites (we are waiting on a few addresses, so will print out more later), printed most of the labels and printed the envelope liners. All the stuff is now ready for my wonderful friend Kat to cut them out, construct the pocket folds, put them all together and send them out!

Kat has her own invitation business but I kind of took over most of the process and only left her with the annoying stuff. Being the wonderful friend she is though she doesn't mind so much. Lucky! Because I started on sticking the labels and liners on the envelopes!

Anyway I'll leave you with a sneak peek of our envelopes with the wrap around labels. I couldn't resist putting them on instagram!

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