Thursday, July 21, 2011

Favor bags

Sorry about being AWOL, I've been busy but not busy. Well for the most part I've just been lazy and not motivated enough to blog. 

Anyways the picture you see below is one of our favor bags. I've decided to do things a little bit different when it comes to our Bon bons. We're actually going to give them to our guests before the wedding. The reason for this is the bags will include our order of service, a menu, sparklers for the Sparkler send off, information of activities for in between the reception and ceremony and a few other goodies that would be handy during the whole course of our wedding. 

I ordered the bags bulk from eBay and made my own zig zag stencil out of a cereal box which i then painted on the bags. I'm going to write each guests name on them too. 

The heart is actually one of the felt badges that my sisters and I have been sewing. It's taped to the bag but Matt thinks people won't realize they are badges so I'm going to stick a little tag on it to tell people to wear the badge "as a symbol of our love". 

Other things I was thinking of adding were fake moustaches to prompt people to use our photobooth, a box of matches for the Sparkler send off, tissues for the cryers and maybe a tasty baked goody of some sort in case people get peckish before dinner time. I was thinking about doing personalized water bottles like I did for my 21st but I'm not entirely sure. I'm also considering adding a mixed cd in for the guests ride home. 

I'm also going to add a letter that Matt and I will write for each guest. The original plan for this was to personally hand deliver these to each guest so we get a chance to talk to everyone but I don't want it to take over our night so we're going to just leave them in the bag and still try to actively talk to each guest whilst still getting our dance on! 

Anyways more to come. I promise.

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