Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ceremony songs have been picked!!!

I am sooo excited to have finally get two songs out of the way! Matt's cousin is an amazing singer, he went to the same high school as I did which is the fine performing arts high school that produced such amazing talents as Short Stack (blergh!). But yes he has agreed to sing a couple of songs during our wedding ceremony and Matt's old neighbour said he could play guitar. I am really excited!

The songs are:

Walking down the aisle: More Than Words by Extreme
This song is actually something that Matt's neighbour said he could play really well. I had completely forgot this song existed so I checked to see if I had it already and I did. And I love it just as much as the first time I ever heard it! WINNAAARRRR!

During the signing: The Wedding Song by Angus and Julia Stone
When I found this song I melted. Angus and Julia Stone are just amazing!

I'm very happy with the song choices. We probably wont have any other songs for the ceremony because we'll be outdoors and after we're pronounced I think we'll just stay where we are so people can come to us when they give us their congratulations. Therefore we wont need a walking back down the aisle song.

Two really important songs out of the way! Now we just have to think of reception songs...