Friday, June 3, 2011

Dresses of the miniature kind.

Oh hi there stranger! I've been a little MIA on the blogging front. Mainly because I haven't been really exciting the past week and a bit. I did buy my earrings unfortunately by the time I went to buy them, the gorgeous green teardrop ones weren't available anymore.

I got the above instead also from Max and Chloe. They aren't as pretty as the other ones but they are still similar. I cant wait for them to arrive in the mail!

Now I am on the hunt for flowergirl dresses. I want my two little flowergirls to feel like princesses but I also want their dresses to be practical so they can wear them again. (Ha just like I wanted the BM dresses to be! I dont see any of my BM's wearing those dresses again unless they dye them >.<)

I've actually found a dress in Myer that I really liked but they only had smaller sizes in store. I looked it up on the net and we can order it online but with one of the girls being in between sizes it'd probably be a little hard to decide which one to choose.
The smaller sizes didn't have the ribbon around it and I'm thinking I would change the ribbon to a green one anyways.

I want to get something a little different and a little more casual from the regular flower girl dresses so I've been looking at regular kids clothes stores instead of at formal ones. It's pretty hard at the moment to find pretty dresses coz we're in winter now! I've also found it's a little hard to find two of the same dresses because one flower girl is 7 and in between a size 8 or a 10 and the other girl is 2 and atill a size 1!

I also like this dress but I think it's a bit too casual and I'm not sold on the colours.


I LOVE these skirts

source and these

But they would be coming from America which would take a while and are a bit pricey and then you'll need to add postage. I was considering looking in the dance store Bloch to look at their children's tutu's they should be much cheaper.

Shoes, I'm not too fussed on. I was hoping we could pick up some cheap glittery ones from Target or Big W or even Payless Shoes. And I was thinking of getting the girls cute headbands and they should be sorted!

After that we'll just need to get the boys suits sorted and everyone will have outfits organised!

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