Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unnecessary Spending but Organised Bliss


Not long after the wedding planning started I was going to make myself a wedding organiser. Using trusty google I researched what needed to be included and found the most awesome templates at www.russellandhazel.com. So I pinched a folder and some tab dividers from work and set it up.

It was good but I wasn't completely satisfied with it so I did something crazy and bought a ridiculously expensive Kikki K Wedding Organiser. $40 later I had a plastic folder that was probably more cheaply made than my stolen work folder. It didn't matter though because I had that wedding glaze over my eyes and was ecstatic that I finally had it.

I took it home, put it all together and added my russell and hazel templates. It was complete and I loved it thanks the to wedding glazed eyes.

Months later I do still love it, but the wedding glaze has passed and the budget savvy eyes have settled in. I really shouldn't have splurged out especially since I also went and bought a wedding planning application for my phone! The folder from work would have been enough (I have since returned it back to its rightful place).

Anyways enough of my splurge regret, my organiser is still one of the most handy things. I keep all of our receipts and correspondence in it. So if anything goes wrong I'm prepared. All of our vendor information is in it so I can just hand it over to our venue's event coordinator on the day before so she has all of the contact details needed in the one neatly organised place. I've made collages of my wedding inspiration from magazines so when I go for hair and make up trials I just bring it along so we can bounce ideas.

It's just so much easier to have everything in the one place so I can just grab it on the way to meetings. I recommend that every bride keeps an organiser, without mine, our receipts would be lost in my craft room hidden in drawers and I would be forever looking back in my emails to find quotes and correspondence.

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