Thursday, May 19, 2011

They've arrived!

When I got home yesterday arvo I had three packages waiting for me! I knew I had two coming but I wasn't expecting the third one for atleast another month. The first two packages were fake tan stuff and my shampoo and conditioner (sooo much cheaper buying them from strawberry net than through the hairdresser!). The third package was alot more exciting! It was the girls bridesmaid dresses!

They were ALOT brighter than I thought they would be. When I opened the box they looked flouro green and I was a little put off by the material because it felt like dance costume material. I was actually pretty disappointed because I wanted them to be a little darker than they were. Matt assured me that they looked good so now I'm over it and I did pick the matte over the shiny because Matt said he liked that it was lighter. Also because it was his favourite connector pen colour! :P

So I sent out texts to all the girls and Matt's sister asked for a photo so I put one on and started playing around with it. It's really comfy and I really like the way the skirt falls. Here are some of the combo's that I was playing around with:

Please bare in mind that the dress looks different under different lights. Oh and please excuse the bra and back fat :P I think I did alright playing around with the different styles, especially because I was too lazy to look up the instructions on how to tie them up. I did try to do the strapless sweetheart style but I couldn't figure that one out, if it's done the way I did it everyones boobs would be popping out everywhere :S

I cant wait to get the girls together so we can see how they all look together!

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