Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pocketfolds and Letterpress

The two major things that everyone drools over when it comes to invitations is pocketfolds and letterpress. It's not surprising that in the invitation world they are two of the most expensive things you could ask for (with the exception of real gold weaved into the invitations! *barf*).

I'm roughly designing our invitations and having a good friend do the hard work of printing them and putting them all together. I have on occassion caught myself thinking of letterpressed invitations but from what I hear the cost is just stupid for something that's only going to get thrown out in a few months time. It's beautiful and I understand that it takes alot of work which is why the cost is so high but I just cant justify it!

I've also thought about making our own pocketfold envelopes as they dont look too hard to make but I'm still yet to even design the invitation!

Elements that I know I definitely want when I actually design the invitation include:

  • Pretty patterned envelope liners

  • Tri-Fold or Z-fold style (Therefore probably not even convenient for pocketfolds.)

  • RSVP to be a postcard to cut down on buying and addressing envelopes

  • Prefer the RSVP postcard to be perforated but will be fine if we cant do that

  • Wrap around labels

  • All or most information to fit in the folded invite - eg. Ceremony, Reception, Wishing Well, Map/Directions etc (If info wont fit, direct guests to our wed-site where guests can also RSVP)

  • Hoping for the invites to fit in a standard envelope to cut down on costs

Now I'm no graphic designer, but I'm hoping I can pull it off so it looks professional. With less than six months away I should probably get cracking on actually designing them hey? :P


  1. Good luck Ash, I designed our invites and had a friend print them, then designed and printed our own RSVP, map & accommodation cards. Was very time consuming, but satisfying, especially with some great feedback rolling in with the RSVP's.

    I put magnet strips on the back of our invites so they could be 'stuck' on the fridge. And it's been great visiting friends & family and seeing the invite on their fridge/freezer :)

  2. Thanks Mel, I really liked your invites. You did a great job on them! Thanks for the tip :)