Friday, May 20, 2011

Name? Dawson. Rose Dawson.

I totally had a Titanic moment the other day. You know the part where Rose says Jack's last name instead of her own after she is rescued and makes it to dry land. Well my instance wasn't really as romantic or dramatic as Rose's but it did get me thinking.

On Tuesday afternoon two little girls knocked on our door because their school was having a pie drive. Now I'm a big fan of school fundraising because when I was a kid nobody wanted to help with mine and I never won any prizes for selling the most of anything. So I bought a pie off them and when they asked for my name I said Matt's surname instead of my own.

I mostly said it because Matt's last name is shorter and a little easier to spell. Sure my surname is only two more letters longer and is just as common as Matt's but like my first name there are more than one way to spell it. Everytime someone asks my name I always have to spell out both my first name and surname. So for practical reasons I'm very happy to take this on!

I never really objected to taking Matt's surname mostly because I could see the practicality. I want to have the same name as my kids and I'd prefer to take the time to fill out the paper work once instead of having to correct everyone that I'm Mrs ****** instead of Ms Mac ALL THE TIME for the rest of my life. I know most people probably would let it slide but in my honest opinion if you cant be bothered correcting people then you may as well have just filed the paper work to make it official instead of confusing everyone when they try to look you up for anything. *cough*facebook*cough*

I go with the flow most of the time so I dont have any disagreeances with taking the mans name instead of him taking mine or us creating a whole new last name. I mostly just cant be bothered.

My main nickname AshMac is a mix of my first name and my surname. I'm often being called Mac, Macca or Mac Attack so the only qualm I do have with changing my surname is what does it do to my nicknames!?:P I even have custom number plates that say ASHMAC. Needless to say I will still feel a little bit of identity loss. Sure it will be cheaper to change my number plates back to normal but it's still apart of who I am. So until I mature enough to not have wanky number plates, this blog and the number plates are about the only things that I wont change.


  1. How weird, I had a similar thing, we had a call last night asking to speak to Mrs Mr Mel's surname, and I said yes that's me without thinking! I, my dad, mum & sister all have the same nickname, with my friends calling me the name say Jonesy (it's not), then my sister is Junior Jonesy, dad is Mr Jonesy, mum is Mrs Jonesy. So no longer being a Jonesy will be weird, and still getting my head around it! However I don't have the custom plates :)

  2. Was it a telemarketer? Coz I always say no! :P

    I'm glad I'm not the only one!