Friday, May 6, 2011

Invite Draft

Today I did a very rough draft mock up of how I would like my invitations to look like. I'm thinking of going with an invitation that folds into an envelope! This means I wont be able to use envelope liners or wrap around labels but this is just way cooler and hopefully more cost effective in the end.

I've based it around the size of a c5? envelope (When you fold A4 paper in half it fits perfectly into it). I'm hoping that the post office will approve of invitations being like that. The only thing that I would be worried about is if they would get damaged whilst in transit. I'm sure if I used a thick enough card it should be okay.

This picture isn't the greatest but I've included the main details about the ceremony on the left, then reception details, dress code and the link to our wed-site beside it. I'll also have a little envelope stuck on the inside so I can include a folded map and our wishing well details.

I'm planning on having a pattern cover a strip on the right on the outside of the invitation and a similar graphic to match on the inside.

If we can get the RSVP perforated that would be awesom otherwise I'm cool with adding "cut here" where appropriate. I want to have the RSVP card to say something quirky like "I'll be there with bells on!, I'll be there without bells on, I'll be there regardless of the bells situation and I have a phobia of bells so prefer not to attend" or something like that. I think the bells thing is really cute but I'd like to think of something that reflects us more but is still fun.

Now that I've figured out how the invitation will physically be set out, I have to sort out a design! I really hope I can translate this into computer language.


  1. I like your idea! Very original, look forward to seeing what you come up with! Are you a designer?

    The "bells on" RSVP is cute, i've had a few friends use it though. We kept it simple (but still a little quirky) with a simple:
    Yep, can't wait.
    Nope, can't come.

  2. No I'm not, I wish I was though coz it would make things alot easier!

    I actually like your RSVP better than the bells one it's not too silly but still fun.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)