Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Earrings!

Whilst I was in the shop about to buy my dress, BM Lora said that I should get a really nice necklace to wear. Then the lady in the shop said no you need to wear some big earrings so it doesn't take away from the dress too much. Good point shop lady!

This is a bunch of earrings that I have gathered off the Max & Chloe website. Most of them are about 2 inches long except the bubbly cirle ones (1.5 inches) on the bottom right and the cute bow ones (1 inch). I like the idea of green earrings coz they would 'match' the girls dresses. And I would also like them to be gold to go with my ring, there are just too many options!

I'm a little worried they might get heavy but I guess I'll just take them off after the ceremony so I can dance around with out worrying about them ripping out my earlobes (sorry for the graphic image I just planted in your head :P).

What do you think? Whats your favourite? :)

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