Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Hunky Husband (to be!) Survey

I've seen this a while back on a few of the blogs I follow and felt now would be a good time to do it!

How long have you been together: 5 years and 5 months. Matt said we were official on NYE because thats when I introduced him to my friends.

How old is he? 25 in November

Who said I love you first? He did.

Who eats more? He does, I usually get bored of what I'm eating and just stop.

Who is taller? He is.

Whose temper is worse? Ha, I'd have to say me.

Who does the laundry? I only ever clean when I'm bored or it's so messy I cant stand it. So Matt does the laundry and housework more than I do!

Who sings better? I have only ever heard Matt sing when he's being silly so I'm gonna say me :P

Who is smarter? I wouldn't say either of us was smarter than the other because we have our own key areas that we excel in! Ha ha.

Who does the dishes? See the laundry question ^^^ He's very well domesticated :P

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?Me! Although Matt wishes it was him because he likes cuddling from that side better.

Who pays the bills? We do equally.

Who mows the lawn? Matt does!

Who cooks dinner? It's 50/50

Who drives when you are together? My car doesn't get parked in the garage so I use that as an excuse to use my car and drive most of the time. Also because my car is smaller and even though Matt calls ME the hoon, I get a little jumpy when he drives.

Who is more stubborn?Neither of us are stubborn at all.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I dont know. I guess it depends on the situation :P

Whose parents do you see the most? His. His family has get togethers all the time where it's hard to organise my family for anything.

Who has more friends? We both have our close friends but I'd say I have more "other" friends that I'm not super close to but like spending time with them anyways.

Who has more siblings? That'd be me.

Was it love at first sight? I dont think it was LOVE but the first time I met him I did have a crush on him.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Name? Dawson. Rose Dawson.

I totally had a Titanic moment the other day. You know the part where Rose says Jack's last name instead of her own after she is rescued and makes it to dry land. Well my instance wasn't really as romantic or dramatic as Rose's but it did get me thinking.

On Tuesday afternoon two little girls knocked on our door because their school was having a pie drive. Now I'm a big fan of school fundraising because when I was a kid nobody wanted to help with mine and I never won any prizes for selling the most of anything. So I bought a pie off them and when they asked for my name I said Matt's surname instead of my own.

I mostly said it because Matt's last name is shorter and a little easier to spell. Sure my surname is only two more letters longer and is just as common as Matt's but like my first name there are more than one way to spell it. Everytime someone asks my name I always have to spell out both my first name and surname. So for practical reasons I'm very happy to take this on!

I never really objected to taking Matt's surname mostly because I could see the practicality. I want to have the same name as my kids and I'd prefer to take the time to fill out the paper work once instead of having to correct everyone that I'm Mrs ****** instead of Ms Mac ALL THE TIME for the rest of my life. I know most people probably would let it slide but in my honest opinion if you cant be bothered correcting people then you may as well have just filed the paper work to make it official instead of confusing everyone when they try to look you up for anything. *cough*facebook*cough*

I go with the flow most of the time so I dont have any disagreeances with taking the mans name instead of him taking mine or us creating a whole new last name. I mostly just cant be bothered.

My main nickname AshMac is a mix of my first name and my surname. I'm often being called Mac, Macca or Mac Attack so the only qualm I do have with changing my surname is what does it do to my nicknames!?:P I even have custom number plates that say ASHMAC. Needless to say I will still feel a little bit of identity loss. Sure it will be cheaper to change my number plates back to normal but it's still apart of who I am. So until I mature enough to not have wanky number plates, this blog and the number plates are about the only things that I wont change.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The following is a conversation with work colleagues

Mick: "How are you going AshMac, not long to go now!"

Ash: "That's right!"

Mick: "Five months last Sunday."

Astrid: "Wow he's excited, I hope you've got an invitation for him!"

Mick: "Nah I dont want one, I dont like going to wakes!" *walks out the door*


He always tells me I mustn't have very good friends if they haven't talked me out of getting married. Funny man!

Hair Inspiration

I haven't even picked a hairdresser yet! One of Matt's family friends is a hairdresser and owns her own business so I'm kind of just hoping she'll do my hair :P

I was talking to Matt about my hair once and he said "I like your hair out and you like it curly, so that's how you should have it!". I thought it was cute that he was telling me how I should wear my hair. Everyone else I've spoken to have said curls and out is the way to go.

So that's what I will have! I was thinking I would have one side pinned away from my face with a pretty flower.

They've arrived!

When I got home yesterday arvo I had three packages waiting for me! I knew I had two coming but I wasn't expecting the third one for atleast another month. The first two packages were fake tan stuff and my shampoo and conditioner (sooo much cheaper buying them from strawberry net than through the hairdresser!). The third package was alot more exciting! It was the girls bridesmaid dresses!

They were ALOT brighter than I thought they would be. When I opened the box they looked flouro green and I was a little put off by the material because it felt like dance costume material. I was actually pretty disappointed because I wanted them to be a little darker than they were. Matt assured me that they looked good so now I'm over it and I did pick the matte over the shiny because Matt said he liked that it was lighter. Also because it was his favourite connector pen colour! :P

So I sent out texts to all the girls and Matt's sister asked for a photo so I put one on and started playing around with it. It's really comfy and I really like the way the skirt falls. Here are some of the combo's that I was playing around with:

Please bare in mind that the dress looks different under different lights. Oh and please excuse the bra and back fat :P I think I did alright playing around with the different styles, especially because I was too lazy to look up the instructions on how to tie them up. I did try to do the strapless sweetheart style but I couldn't figure that one out, if it's done the way I did it everyones boobs would be popping out everywhere :S

I cant wait to get the girls together so we can see how they all look together!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bored. Bored. Bored.

I've decided our wedding is too far away. Now that all the big things are organised we cant really do anything till closer to the date. I'm pretty sure I have atleast good two months of nothingness before we can get busy organising again.

Sure I can get my DIY projects going but because its so far away I slowly start them then get bored because I'm trying to take my time. *Sigh*

On the other hand, I bought a really cheap and really basic sewing machine from homeart a few weeks ago. I haven't used a sewing machine since I was a kid so I have no idea how to use it! Can anyone help me?! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I want to see this movie so bad!

I love wedding movies! Cant wait for this to come out here in Australia! :)

Party onnnn!

I've decided that I will be changing to a shorter dress halfway through the reception so that it will be easier for me to dance! I'm thinking of something like this except maybe just a plain top even though the stripes are super super cute!

Source - Thank you Etsy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Earrings!

Whilst I was in the shop about to buy my dress, BM Lora said that I should get a really nice necklace to wear. Then the lady in the shop said no you need to wear some big earrings so it doesn't take away from the dress too much. Good point shop lady!

This is a bunch of earrings that I have gathered off the Max & Chloe website. Most of them are about 2 inches long except the bubbly cirle ones (1.5 inches) on the bottom right and the cute bow ones (1 inch). I like the idea of green earrings coz they would 'match' the girls dresses. And I would also like them to be gold to go with my ring, there are just too many options!

I'm a little worried they might get heavy but I guess I'll just take them off after the ceremony so I can dance around with out worrying about them ripping out my earlobes (sorry for the graphic image I just planted in your head :P).

What do you think? Whats your favourite? :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dunny Care Packages

I've decided that in the toilets at the reception I'm going to have a care package in each for the guests to use. It's pretty much like a survival kit but for the guests!

They will all include:

  • Anti-bacterial soap

  • Band aids

  • Dental Floss

  • Combs

  • Mints or Gum

  • No-Doz

  • Spray On Deoderant

  • Stain remover pen

  • Hair gel

Then the ladies will have the following extras:

  • Pads

  • Tampons

  • Hairspray

  • Bobby Pins

  • Hair ties

  • Clear nail polish for runs in stockings

I'm hoping the guests will appreciate that we were thinking of them. :)

Invite Draft

Today I did a very rough draft mock up of how I would like my invitations to look like. I'm thinking of going with an invitation that folds into an envelope! This means I wont be able to use envelope liners or wrap around labels but this is just way cooler and hopefully more cost effective in the end.

I've based it around the size of a c5? envelope (When you fold A4 paper in half it fits perfectly into it). I'm hoping that the post office will approve of invitations being like that. The only thing that I would be worried about is if they would get damaged whilst in transit. I'm sure if I used a thick enough card it should be okay.

This picture isn't the greatest but I've included the main details about the ceremony on the left, then reception details, dress code and the link to our wed-site beside it. I'll also have a little envelope stuck on the inside so I can include a folded map and our wishing well details.

I'm planning on having a pattern cover a strip on the right on the outside of the invitation and a similar graphic to match on the inside.

If we can get the RSVP perforated that would be awesom otherwise I'm cool with adding "cut here" where appropriate. I want to have the RSVP card to say something quirky like "I'll be there with bells on!, I'll be there without bells on, I'll be there regardless of the bells situation and I have a phobia of bells so prefer not to attend" or something like that. I think the bells thing is really cute but I'd like to think of something that reflects us more but is still fun.

Now that I've figured out how the invitation will physically be set out, I have to sort out a design! I really hope I can translate this into computer language.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pocketfolds and Letterpress

The two major things that everyone drools over when it comes to invitations is pocketfolds and letterpress. It's not surprising that in the invitation world they are two of the most expensive things you could ask for (with the exception of real gold weaved into the invitations! *barf*).

I'm roughly designing our invitations and having a good friend do the hard work of printing them and putting them all together. I have on occassion caught myself thinking of letterpressed invitations but from what I hear the cost is just stupid for something that's only going to get thrown out in a few months time. It's beautiful and I understand that it takes alot of work which is why the cost is so high but I just cant justify it!

I've also thought about making our own pocketfold envelopes as they dont look too hard to make but I'm still yet to even design the invitation!

Elements that I know I definitely want when I actually design the invitation include:

  • Pretty patterned envelope liners

  • Tri-Fold or Z-fold style (Therefore probably not even convenient for pocketfolds.)

  • RSVP to be a postcard to cut down on buying and addressing envelopes

  • Prefer the RSVP postcard to be perforated but will be fine if we cant do that

  • Wrap around labels

  • All or most information to fit in the folded invite - eg. Ceremony, Reception, Wishing Well, Map/Directions etc (If info wont fit, direct guests to our wed-site where guests can also RSVP)

  • Hoping for the invites to fit in a standard envelope to cut down on costs

Now I'm no graphic designer, but I'm hoping I can pull it off so it looks professional. With less than six months away I should probably get cracking on actually designing them hey? :P

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unnecessary Spending but Organised Bliss


Not long after the wedding planning started I was going to make myself a wedding organiser. Using trusty google I researched what needed to be included and found the most awesome templates at www.russellandhazel.com. So I pinched a folder and some tab dividers from work and set it up.

It was good but I wasn't completely satisfied with it so I did something crazy and bought a ridiculously expensive Kikki K Wedding Organiser. $40 later I had a plastic folder that was probably more cheaply made than my stolen work folder. It didn't matter though because I had that wedding glaze over my eyes and was ecstatic that I finally had it.

I took it home, put it all together and added my russell and hazel templates. It was complete and I loved it thanks the to wedding glazed eyes.

Months later I do still love it, but the wedding glaze has passed and the budget savvy eyes have settled in. I really shouldn't have splurged out especially since I also went and bought a wedding planning application for my phone! The folder from work would have been enough (I have since returned it back to its rightful place).

Anyways enough of my splurge regret, my organiser is still one of the most handy things. I keep all of our receipts and correspondence in it. So if anything goes wrong I'm prepared. All of our vendor information is in it so I can just hand it over to our venue's event coordinator on the day before so she has all of the contact details needed in the one neatly organised place. I've made collages of my wedding inspiration from magazines so when I go for hair and make up trials I just bring it along so we can bounce ideas.

It's just so much easier to have everything in the one place so I can just grab it on the way to meetings. I recommend that every bride keeps an organiser, without mine, our receipts would be lost in my craft room hidden in drawers and I would be forever looking back in my emails to find quotes and correspondence.