Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tin, Glass, Lace and Hessian Sacks

I have figured out our table arrangements! Hazzah!

On the odd occasion I'd been seeing burlap details popping up on wedding blogs. Bunting, napkin holders, boutonierres, wrapped around things, I've noticed them. I love the look of it so with my new found inspiration I made my way to bunnings and bought a whole bunch of hessian sacks. $15 for 10, that's only $1.50 a bag! And they are decent sized bags! Awesome! But then I got home and for ages I couldn't think of what I wanted to use them for! Of course I made my bunting. Then I saw someone had used them for table runners! Cute! But I've decided to put my own spin on them and I'm going to add lace around the edges. (This is my attempt to turn something very rustic into something whimsical!).

Then I am going to have two different types of centrepieces placed randomly on the tables. One will be jars filled with water and pretty flowers and the other will be tin cans with patterns drilled into them and candles in them. Inspiration from here and here!

Also to add to that I'll be having fairy lights strung across the ceiling and hang paper lanterns off them. Pretty sure that means our reception decorations are sorted! Excellent!

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