Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Survival Kits?

One of my bestest friends who is getting married two weeks before me has decided that she will be making her BM's survival kits (I'm one of her BM's so I'll be getting one! :D) Whilst browsing around shopbop I found the following:

They were almost sold out on Shopbop so I went straight to the suppliers website. Aren't these the cutest? Get them here! They also have mens ones!

There's no real point in me reinventing the wheel since two of the girls in my wedding party are also in my good friends wedding party. So they can either re-use their survival kits or just not worry about it! (I'm mostly hoping that they just wont need survival kits! Plus I'm pretty sure my make up artist gives me one.)

However something that I feel the girls will need is a pair of flexiflats each. Super handy for once their feet get tired.
I will definitely be getting my girls some of these to go with their tops and whatever thank you presents I decide to give them! :)

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