Monday, April 11, 2011


I am so excited about our photobooth! I wanted one ages ago for my 21st but when I researched prices they were ridiculously expensive. So I never really thought about it again. That is, until I started looking at wedding blogs and saw how much fun they are! I knew that it would be out of our budget so I started to think about doing my own makeshift photobooth just like all the other wonderful budget savvy brides out there.

I had originally decided to "test" it out at our engagement party. I bought a polaroid camera off ebay and planned on making a backdrop to hang off our clothes line. In the end we ran out of time to organise a backdrop but everyone had fun playing around with the polaroid camera anyways!

I was kind of unsure on using a polaroid camera for the photobooth after looking at the engagement polaroids. The pictures were just too little and you dont get to see all the detail that you would with just a regular camera. Another thing I didn't want to do was assign someone to be a designated photobooth photographer. I want ALL my guests to be carefree and have the ability to enjoy themselves, I refuse to have anyone doing little jobs whilst the wedding is on.

My woes kind of ended as soon as I thought of them because somehow I stumpled upon a blog with a Crazy Booth. It's essentially the same as a photobooth but smaller and you dont get a print out of the photos you just get a cd after the event.

I had been emailing Ben Adams as I had been following his blog for a little while but I wanted to see the crazybooth in action before we actually committed ourselves to it. The time came when Hunter Street Bridal Precinct organised a street Wedding Party. Ben had his studio open and a running crazybooth for everyone to test out. That was it! Then and there I told Matt that I wanted it!

Moustaches were such a big hit at the engagement party so I am definitely going to make a whole bunch of them again for our props. Ben Adams also supplies props but being the control freak that I am, I'm also going to add some props of my own and probably hide some of the supplied goofy props! :P Another DIY project to add to my already extensive list will be to make speech bubbles out of wood and chalkboard paint. Like these:


I was planning on getting Matt to cut them like he did our wedding signs (which I will post about later) but we dont have the right tools to cut shapes, only straight lines. It's a good thing I'm pretty well liked by the carpentry section at work because favours will be sought! You can buy them off etsy but I dont like how high the postage would be coming from America.

I'm also on the hunt for lots and lots of photo frames so we can do something like this:


I know for a fact the frame in the middle is painted white and from Ikea. Next time I make the trip down I will definitely consider buying it! I've been searching on ebay for bulk lots of large-ish photo frames but for some reason only people in Victoria are selling them! *sigh* I've put an ad on Gumtree so hopefully someone will see it and shower me in picture frames!

ANOTHER project I have in mind for the photobooth is the backdrop. I'm deciding on whether I should buy a cheapo photographers backdrop stand from ebay or if I should borrow the backdrop that our lovely photographer inherited (Hey there!). My idea for the back drop is just tons and tons of ribbon thats been tied to a pole and is draping down like curtains, so we'll see what we can do.

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  1. You could try going to a framing shop or Go Lo or something and getting cheap frames, and then making them look antiquey.