Thursday, April 28, 2011

No +1's at the Reception

Matt and I are gonna have to get our "zilla's" out when it comes to this but there are pretty simple reasons for us to not to invite +1's to the reception:

  • We wanted a smaller more intimate wedding, therefore everyone who is invited will know more than one person at the wedding.

  • We dont want to look at our wedding photos in 10 years time and have to strain to remember that guy who decided to appear in the background of our cake cutting was just a douche one of our friends dated for 3 months before they broke up.

  • Weddings are expensive, we dont want to pay for a meal for that douchey guy and we certainly cant afford to pay for him to get drunk.

  • Our wedding venue isnt the biggest of places, more people means they will take up valuable dancing space!

I know we were being ruthless when we did our guest list but the people who made it onto the list are people we grew up with, people we look up to, people we care for and people we love. They are people who have always been there for us, supporting us and caring for us in return. The people on our guest list are our family and we feel that inviting them to our wedding is a thank you for being apart of our family.

1 comment:

  1. We're doing similar Ash, only having +1 when we know they've been together a while and we've just forgotten their name, or only know their nickname, oops!