Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keeping the Kiddywinks Entertained!

On so many blogs I have noticed that there is a massive debate about whether or not children should be invited to weddings. I'm not going to go into that debate but we are inviting kids to both our wedding and reception.

Our main reason for this is we are close to all the children in our lives and my theory is if you keep them entertained they wont cause any trouble.

Even though having 6 kids all roughly around the same age is probably enough to keep each other entertained, I'm going to make them goody bags, just as an extra precaution!Plus it's extra fun for me too! (I'm really a big kid at heart!)

I found the above project on Martha Stewart Weddings and thought it would be a great way to keep the kids busy and make them feel important too! You can buy cheap "wedding" disposable cameras off ebay which is super handy.

I've also decided to make colouring in books from our Pre-Wedding shoot photos and fill the bags with yummy treats eg. muesli bars, rice crackers and poppers (No lollies or red drink to make them go crazy!).

I'll post pics once I've put them all together :)


  1. you could also consider a table laid with paper and pencils/crayons :) your idea is good!

  2. I did think of that but I'm not very trusting of my little brother. I dont think he'll stick to the one table :P

    Thanks :)

  3. I love that idea, going to be stealing it :) We're having nieces/nephews/friends kids, at last count 6 under 5, 4 under 10, 2 12 year olds!