Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If Khiara read this blog she'd kick me...

This is my dress! :) Got it for a bargain at $900 when it's normally $1800. Funny story about my dress... Matt and I were driving in town to look at a possible wedding venue and we drove past this little bridal shop that said "Dresses from $100!" I'd never seen it before but with signs like that out the front I said I HAD to go in and check it out. So after we looked at the wedding venue we made our way back to the shop, Matt took himself down the road to grab some lunch and try to stay away whilst I potentially find my dress.

The ladies in the shop were sooo lovely. They even took photos of me in the dress! (No one lets you do that! We almost got kicked out of a shop for mentioning taking a photo!) Of course they didn't show me any $100 dresses but for what I wanted I wouldn't have got it for $100 anyways. But then we found the one! It accentuated my curves beautifully.

I wasn't 100% so I called Lora to come have a look. She loyally came from the other side of Newcastle to give me her opinion but I still wasn't sure so I had to call Matt in. Yes, Matt has not only seen the dress, but he's seen me in it! I really don't care about the tradition and the ladies were saying how lucky he was to have the chance to give an opinion. He said he liked the other dress better that I had my heart set on a few weeks ago but I reminded him of the cost (it was over $2000). He'd been giving me a hard time about how expensive my dress would be hence I set out to find a cheaper dress. I said this is a gorgeous gown that really suits me at a far more reasonable price. So he questioned me and questioned me" You wont regret it will you?" "Pfft no!" So we put a deposit on it and I had the dress by New Years Eve!

But then some time later more drama came when Matt said he was upset that he'd seen me in the dress, he said he just wants to forget what it looks like. *face palm* really? For a little while it did make me regret my dress. I even secretly booked in with a dressmaker to design another dress with the hopes of selling my current one. A feat that would have cost over $3000. As much as I wanted to have a dress custom made for me and to surprise Matt, I knew I could not justify the cost. So one night when Matt was at work I tried the dress on again, I couldn't do it up properly coz I had no one to help me but I stood in front of the mirror and just looked at it.

I did not regret the dress! I loved it! It makes me look tall, flatters my body making me look thinner and curvy at the same time. The skirt is boofy without being massive, the rouching detail is exactly what I wanted. Everything about the dress and me in it is amazing! I did not want to get rid of it and go on the massive hunt of looking for another dress.

I don't care so much about the tradition but Matt does, so in an attempt to help Matt "forget" what my dress looks like I hid it in my craft room where he can't see the big white bag and be reminded about what's in there. I dont talk about it around him and I "think" it working. Even if he doesn't forget completely, I know it'll be different on the day when I have jewellery and hair and make up done. He really has nothing to worry about!

So that's my story!

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