Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Look

Matt and I are still in talks of this. If we do it Matt would want to take advantage of the first look to get photos in town with the whole bridal party. I feel this totally defeats the purpose of a first look. But then again the only reason I really want to have a first look is so I dont turn into an emotional wreck in front of everyone at the ceremony!

But in all seriousness I love the idea of a first look. I get really emotional looking through other peoples first look photos. I think about how the bride and groom get a moment to take in each other before the big rush of an insanely busy day and I tear up!

So while I leave you, here is a link to one of my most favourite first looks which is also where the above photo came from. http://www.follanphotography.com.au/blogsite/2010/11/3/chanel-pauls-first-look.html

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  1. I think this girl is a voguette, yes? Is that where I've seen this pic before?