Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aiming for whimsical, keep getting rustic -_-

I hot glued this bunting together yesterday using a hessian sack and twine. I'm going to paint letters on it to spell MATT (heart) ASH and put it on poles to go behind the celebrant at the ceremony so it kinda frames us.

I need to get new paint before I paint the letters on because the stuff I have just soaks into the material. I'm considering just gluing letters on, it depends how lazy I get! :P

I had a bit of trouble with the hot glue gun. I've only used one once before and I didn't realise how fiddly it is. I burnt my fingers on the glue a few times and kept getting random stringy bits of glue everywhere. I'm glad I layed down newspaper otherwise I would have had glue EVERYWHERE! It's good I gave myself an easy project with the glue gun first, imagine the dramas I will have with the corsages and boutonierres!


  1. Speaking of hot glue, at the art express exhibition in the newcastle gallery, there's this lovely hot glue artwork - someones made plates and forks and cups and knives out of hot glue!

    goodluck drama llama'

  2. Wow, they must be super talented with a hot glue gun! Next time I'm in town, I'll have to check it out.