Thursday, April 28, 2011

No +1's at the Reception

Matt and I are gonna have to get our "zilla's" out when it comes to this but there are pretty simple reasons for us to not to invite +1's to the reception:

  • We wanted a smaller more intimate wedding, therefore everyone who is invited will know more than one person at the wedding.

  • We dont want to look at our wedding photos in 10 years time and have to strain to remember that guy who decided to appear in the background of our cake cutting was just a douche one of our friends dated for 3 months before they broke up.

  • Weddings are expensive, we dont want to pay for a meal for that douchey guy and we certainly cant afford to pay for him to get drunk.

  • Our wedding venue isnt the biggest of places, more people means they will take up valuable dancing space!

I know we were being ruthless when we did our guest list but the people who made it onto the list are people we grew up with, people we look up to, people we care for and people we love. They are people who have always been there for us, supporting us and caring for us in return. The people on our guest list are our family and we feel that inviting them to our wedding is a thank you for being apart of our family.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Survival Kits?

One of my bestest friends who is getting married two weeks before me has decided that she will be making her BM's survival kits (I'm one of her BM's so I'll be getting one! :D) Whilst browsing around shopbop I found the following:

They were almost sold out on Shopbop so I went straight to the suppliers website. Aren't these the cutest? Get them here! They also have mens ones!

There's no real point in me reinventing the wheel since two of the girls in my wedding party are also in my good friends wedding party. So they can either re-use their survival kits or just not worry about it! (I'm mostly hoping that they just wont need survival kits! Plus I'm pretty sure my make up artist gives me one.)

However something that I feel the girls will need is a pair of flexiflats each. Super handy for once their feet get tired.
I will definitely be getting my girls some of these to go with their tops and whatever thank you presents I decide to give them! :)

Keeping the Kiddywinks Entertained!

On so many blogs I have noticed that there is a massive debate about whether or not children should be invited to weddings. I'm not going to go into that debate but we are inviting kids to both our wedding and reception.

Our main reason for this is we are close to all the children in our lives and my theory is if you keep them entertained they wont cause any trouble.

Even though having 6 kids all roughly around the same age is probably enough to keep each other entertained, I'm going to make them goody bags, just as an extra precaution!Plus it's extra fun for me too! (I'm really a big kid at heart!)

I found the above project on Martha Stewart Weddings and thought it would be a great way to keep the kids busy and make them feel important too! You can buy cheap "wedding" disposable cameras off ebay which is super handy.

I've also decided to make colouring in books from our Pre-Wedding shoot photos and fill the bags with yummy treats eg. muesli bars, rice crackers and poppers (No lollies or red drink to make them go crazy!).

I'll post pics once I've put them all together :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ladies with Parasols

In my efforts to cut costs I've decided to cut flowers out as much as I can. Which is why I have made the guys buttonholes and bought the bridesmaids lace parasols pretty much the same as the ones in the photo above. (Photo taken from a blog which took it from photographer Nathan Wu). I'm very excited by this idea! I'm also going to make the girls wrist corsages and a flower to clip into their hair however they like!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Look

Matt and I are still in talks of this. If we do it Matt would want to take advantage of the first look to get photos in town with the whole bridal party. I feel this totally defeats the purpose of a first look. But then again the only reason I really want to have a first look is so I dont turn into an emotional wreck in front of everyone at the ceremony!

But in all seriousness I love the idea of a first look. I get really emotional looking through other peoples first look photos. I think about how the bride and groom get a moment to take in each other before the big rush of an insanely busy day and I tear up!

So while I leave you, here is a link to one of my most favourite first looks which is also where the above photo came from.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Pretty sure I would not have bought them if they didn't have a glittery sole...

I hope our day is like theirs...

I have just snooped at other gorgeous weddings on the vogue forums and found this one

They look like they had soooo much fun! I want our day to feel like theirs!


Today is six months till I become Mrs H! :)

Today is also the day I booked our flights for our honeymoon! We're going to VEGAS BABY! :P I just wanted to say that *shiffty eyes*

We're actually going to sunny Fiji for two weeks! We're gonna drink cocktails on the beach, go scuba diving, sail around the islands and some days we're just going to do nothing. That's right absolutely nothing! I'm so excited! ^_^

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let There Be Cake!


This is our cake inspiration! :) I actually stole the inspiration from a friends friends wedding cake! It's just so cute!

Of course our colours and patterns will be different. We will also have four little cake toppers in the shape of us and our two pups instead of a mongramme (sp?) in the middle of the main cake. The wonderful Jenni, will be making it for us and I'm super excited! :D

Groomsmen Attire Wishlist


Oh how I wish we could have something like this! I love light grey suits so soo much but Matt thinks they are too informal. Suits are his domain. *sigh*

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just whipped this up!

Wedding Signs


Matt and I started making our wedding signs on Saturday. I measured out the sizes of the signs and Matt cut them. Then we both painted them with one layer of white paint. When we have time I'll be putting another layer of white paint over them so when that dries I can paint the writing on.

The main signs will be attached to a stick so they look SIMILAR to the above picture. Then we will have a few extra ones pointing towards the wedding from each car park (because having ushers isn't enough :P). I also thought it would be cute to have one sign pointing in the direction of our honeymoon destination Fiji with the distance in km's on it. For those who were interested!

More songs that have popped into my head:

Sweet Disposition - Temper Trap
Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I tried to find something quirky for our guestbook but I really couldn't be bothered putting any work into it. Especially if I did something like our engagement party "guestbook" which I still have all the little pieces of paper sitting in a box somewhere waiting to be put in a scrapbook.

Someone had linked the above guestbook on one of the wedding forums I've read and I thought it was super cute. So of course I ordered it!

It's basically a binder with a questionaire for each guest in it. The questionaire asks things like "whats your relationship to the bride and groom?", "how far did you travel?", "whats your favourite memory of the day?" etc. It also has places where it asks you to draw a picture of the bride and groom and a picture of yourself. The really great thing about the binder is guests can take the pages out of the binder and return them once they're finished with them, so more than one person can fill out pages at a time.

I would have liked to make my own guestbook similar but I've already given myself waaay too many projects that it was nice to just buy something straight out.

It should be interesting to see what people write and what their creative drawing abilities are like!

Two more songs:

Bic Runga - Sway
Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me

Both really cute love songs <3

Monday, April 11, 2011


I am so excited about our photobooth! I wanted one ages ago for my 21st but when I researched prices they were ridiculously expensive. So I never really thought about it again. That is, until I started looking at wedding blogs and saw how much fun they are! I knew that it would be out of our budget so I started to think about doing my own makeshift photobooth just like all the other wonderful budget savvy brides out there.

I had originally decided to "test" it out at our engagement party. I bought a polaroid camera off ebay and planned on making a backdrop to hang off our clothes line. In the end we ran out of time to organise a backdrop but everyone had fun playing around with the polaroid camera anyways!

I was kind of unsure on using a polaroid camera for the photobooth after looking at the engagement polaroids. The pictures were just too little and you dont get to see all the detail that you would with just a regular camera. Another thing I didn't want to do was assign someone to be a designated photobooth photographer. I want ALL my guests to be carefree and have the ability to enjoy themselves, I refuse to have anyone doing little jobs whilst the wedding is on.

My woes kind of ended as soon as I thought of them because somehow I stumpled upon a blog with a Crazy Booth. It's essentially the same as a photobooth but smaller and you dont get a print out of the photos you just get a cd after the event.

I had been emailing Ben Adams as I had been following his blog for a little while but I wanted to see the crazybooth in action before we actually committed ourselves to it. The time came when Hunter Street Bridal Precinct organised a street Wedding Party. Ben had his studio open and a running crazybooth for everyone to test out. That was it! Then and there I told Matt that I wanted it!

Moustaches were such a big hit at the engagement party so I am definitely going to make a whole bunch of them again for our props. Ben Adams also supplies props but being the control freak that I am, I'm also going to add some props of my own and probably hide some of the supplied goofy props! :P Another DIY project to add to my already extensive list will be to make speech bubbles out of wood and chalkboard paint. Like these:


I was planning on getting Matt to cut them like he did our wedding signs (which I will post about later) but we dont have the right tools to cut shapes, only straight lines. It's a good thing I'm pretty well liked by the carpentry section at work because favours will be sought! You can buy them off etsy but I dont like how high the postage would be coming from America.

I'm also on the hunt for lots and lots of photo frames so we can do something like this:


I know for a fact the frame in the middle is painted white and from Ikea. Next time I make the trip down I will definitely consider buying it! I've been searching on ebay for bulk lots of large-ish photo frames but for some reason only people in Victoria are selling them! *sigh* I've put an ad on Gumtree so hopefully someone will see it and shower me in picture frames!

ANOTHER project I have in mind for the photobooth is the backdrop. I'm deciding on whether I should buy a cheapo photographers backdrop stand from ebay or if I should borrow the backdrop that our lovely photographer inherited (Hey there!). My idea for the back drop is just tons and tons of ribbon thats been tied to a pole and is draping down like curtains, so we'll see what we can do.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The very first badge :/

AmIDoingItRight? HaveIDoneEnough?

Everytime anyone asks me how the wedding planning is going I usually say "All the big important stuff is organised!" or "It's mostly done", which for the most part is true, we really just need to organise the suits, flowergirl dresses, pick a reading, write our vows, pick the menu, organise the table layout, call up our event guy and of course pay for everything.

The thing that gets me though is "is it enough?". I hear about other people's wedding plans and they all sound so glamorous, that it makes me wonder should we be doing some of those things? Are we supposed to have surprises? If so I better shut this blog down right now!

I also question if I'm doing things right? I really don't think wedding planning is as stressful as everyone makes it out to be. I read blogs and magazine articles on how to deal with fussy bridesmaids, controlling parents, limiting vendors and I think "oh that's interesting, doubt I'll ever need it though". I feel like everything has fallen into place so easily and I'm just not sure if that's how it's supposed to be.

I know I shouldn't be worrying about it, but sometimes I question myself.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Uniformed Father

source (Not my dad!)

The weekend after I got engaged, the air force had a massive air show. My Dad is in the air force so any chance I get to see an air show I go! I just love watching the jets flying around!

Dad was working that day helping out with the traffic so once he was finished we met up with him for the first time as an engaged couple! :) One of the first things I said to him was "You definitely have to give me away in your dress uniform!". He said he needed to get clearance for it but it shouldn't be a problem.

At first I was a little iffy about Dad and the girls green bridesmaid dresses clashing, but recently (but by recently I mean probably about 5 years ago) they changed the dress uniforms. They aren't navy blue anymore because apparently someone complained they looked like bus drivers (this could just be a rumour). They are still blue, but its so dark its almost black! In the picture above it actually looks black! So I have no problem worrying about colours clashing! I guess I shouldn't have worried about it in the first place because it's not like he'll be standing next to the girls anyways.

The air force was such a big part of my life. I'm so excited for my Dad to give me away in his uniform.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It looks short but they're a lot of work!

Massive DIY List!

I just wrote out our DIY list for the wedding. Holy moly there's alot to do!

Pretty sure we've only done one thing on the list and that's decorate the bubbles for the ceremony. There are a couple of things that we've started like the brooches, bunting, directional signs etc but there are a lot of things we haven't even started yet.

Thankfully we have over six months to get them done!

New Project!

Yesterday I got a few ebay packages, they included a large amount of felt squares, 100 brooch backs and other random things that I have bought but cant quite remember what they are now.

I'm going to make felt badges for the guests. Once the programs are made I'm going to make little packages with bubbles, a program and a badge. I'm going to wrap them in brown butchers paper and tie them up with coloured bakers twine.

In my mind, before the ceremony the grooms men and little ushers will be handing out these packages, encouraging guests to wear the badges and escorting family members to their seats. I'm hoping this happens, I'm going to write out a strict timetable for Matt to ensure this all happens. If it doesn't then oh well, Whateveeeeeeerrrrrrr! ^_^

If Khiara read this blog she'd kick me...

This is my dress! :) Got it for a bargain at $900 when it's normally $1800. Funny story about my dress... Matt and I were driving in town to look at a possible wedding venue and we drove past this little bridal shop that said "Dresses from $100!" I'd never seen it before but with signs like that out the front I said I HAD to go in and check it out. So after we looked at the wedding venue we made our way back to the shop, Matt took himself down the road to grab some lunch and try to stay away whilst I potentially find my dress.

The ladies in the shop were sooo lovely. They even took photos of me in the dress! (No one lets you do that! We almost got kicked out of a shop for mentioning taking a photo!) Of course they didn't show me any $100 dresses but for what I wanted I wouldn't have got it for $100 anyways. But then we found the one! It accentuated my curves beautifully.

I wasn't 100% so I called Lora to come have a look. She loyally came from the other side of Newcastle to give me her opinion but I still wasn't sure so I had to call Matt in. Yes, Matt has not only seen the dress, but he's seen me in it! I really don't care about the tradition and the ladies were saying how lucky he was to have the chance to give an opinion. He said he liked the other dress better that I had my heart set on a few weeks ago but I reminded him of the cost (it was over $2000). He'd been giving me a hard time about how expensive my dress would be hence I set out to find a cheaper dress. I said this is a gorgeous gown that really suits me at a far more reasonable price. So he questioned me and questioned me" You wont regret it will you?" "Pfft no!" So we put a deposit on it and I had the dress by New Years Eve!

But then some time later more drama came when Matt said he was upset that he'd seen me in the dress, he said he just wants to forget what it looks like. *face palm* really? For a little while it did make me regret my dress. I even secretly booked in with a dressmaker to design another dress with the hopes of selling my current one. A feat that would have cost over $3000. As much as I wanted to have a dress custom made for me and to surprise Matt, I knew I could not justify the cost. So one night when Matt was at work I tried the dress on again, I couldn't do it up properly coz I had no one to help me but I stood in front of the mirror and just looked at it.

I did not regret the dress! I loved it! It makes me look tall, flatters my body making me look thinner and curvy at the same time. The skirt is boofy without being massive, the rouching detail is exactly what I wanted. Everything about the dress and me in it is amazing! I did not want to get rid of it and go on the massive hunt of looking for another dress.

I don't care so much about the tradition but Matt does, so in an attempt to help Matt "forget" what my dress looks like I hid it in my craft room where he can't see the big white bag and be reminded about what's in there. I dont talk about it around him and I "think" it working. Even if he doesn't forget completely, I know it'll be different on the day when I have jewellery and hair and make up done. He really has nothing to worry about!

So that's my story!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tin, Glass, Lace and Hessian Sacks

I have figured out our table arrangements! Hazzah!

On the odd occasion I'd been seeing burlap details popping up on wedding blogs. Bunting, napkin holders, boutonierres, wrapped around things, I've noticed them. I love the look of it so with my new found inspiration I made my way to bunnings and bought a whole bunch of hessian sacks. $15 for 10, that's only $1.50 a bag! And they are decent sized bags! Awesome! But then I got home and for ages I couldn't think of what I wanted to use them for! Of course I made my bunting. Then I saw someone had used them for table runners! Cute! But I've decided to put my own spin on them and I'm going to add lace around the edges. (This is my attempt to turn something very rustic into something whimsical!).

Then I am going to have two different types of centrepieces placed randomly on the tables. One will be jars filled with water and pretty flowers and the other will be tin cans with patterns drilled into them and candles in them. Inspiration from here and here!

Also to add to that I'll be having fairy lights strung across the ceiling and hang paper lanterns off them. Pretty sure that means our reception decorations are sorted! Excellent!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aiming for whimsical, keep getting rustic -_-

I hot glued this bunting together yesterday using a hessian sack and twine. I'm going to paint letters on it to spell MATT (heart) ASH and put it on poles to go behind the celebrant at the ceremony so it kinda frames us.

I need to get new paint before I paint the letters on because the stuff I have just soaks into the material. I'm considering just gluing letters on, it depends how lazy I get! :P

I had a bit of trouble with the hot glue gun. I've only used one once before and I didn't realise how fiddly it is. I burnt my fingers on the glue a few times and kept getting random stringy bits of glue everywhere. I'm glad I layed down newspaper otherwise I would have had glue EVERYWHERE! It's good I gave myself an easy project with the glue gun first, imagine the dramas I will have with the corsages and boutonierres!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I've got friends in all the right places...

One of my best friends will be doing our invitations. A friends mum is making our cake. A friend from school is doing our photography and I'm in the midst of asking another school friend to do our flowers. I've got to call my friends brothers best friend to hire chairs and set up our ceremony and reception venues. And a work colleague is marrying us! Gotta love friendors! :)