Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre Wedding Shoot

Back in February, we did our pre-wedding shoot with Lanelle who is a good friend of mine from school but also an amazing photographer. She's been a very keen photographer all through out high school and has just started doing professional jobs in the past year. She has an amazing eye, great attention to detail and her photos show pure emotion that make you feel like you were there. Lanelle says to us that she's fortunate to be a part of our wedding day but I really feel that we are lucky to have her capturing it.

Coming back to our pre-shoot. The weather didn't agree with us this day, we got some great shots in our backyard but when we started to head into town it started to sprinkle. It was annoying sprinkle too, it was sporadic, too light for an umbrella and left marks on Lanelle's camera lens. Once we got to our location we were also hit by the wind. Lanelle said that we would be able to re-do the shoot again if we wanted but the photos were great! So without further ado, here are some of our pre-wedding photos! (Also used for our save the dates!)

Chillin in the back yard with the dogs :)
Lots of kissing! We were going to use the above picture for our save the dates but then I thought some people probably dont want to see us kissing everytime they go to open their fridge! (Yes, our save the dates were magnets!). We ended up going with the picture below except the magnet had one without our feet in it.

The above is Matt's favourite picture. I'm going to canvas this one and put it on the wall! :)

And of course, since we were in the vicinity, I had to get ice cream! :)

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  1. Lovely pre-wedding photo shoot. I really loved your pictures. It reminds me of my wedding photo shoot at one of Seattle Wedding venues that was captured by a skilled wedding photographer. I just liked his work as he took best clicks and made my day seriously memorable.