Friday, March 25, 2011

Novelties for the Groomy Men

Excuse Lora's silly face reflected in my table but how cool are these cufflinks for some of our groomsmen! I've decided that for their thank you gifts we'd give them cufflinks to wear on the big day. Each one reflects a little bit about them:
  • Sexy ladies for Luke because he's a bit of a manwhore :P
  • Soccer balls for Daley because he's so crazy about playing football he kept playing even though I swear he needed a knee reconstruction.
  • Gear Shifts for David (Matt's brother) the model car collector and rev head.
  • Cyclists for Brent (my brother) because before he got his motorbike licence he rode his pushy everywhere.
I still have to get some for our Best Man Tristan but he's still sorting out work to make sure he can definitely come. And I'm not sure what to get Matt!
I hope they like them!

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