Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Bridal Party Gifts!

I made the girls some bridesmaid singlets the other night. (I'm a big fan of all the cliche bridesmaid and "future mrs ..." clothing)

Apologies for the dodgy picture. *Silly iPhone Camera >.<*

I bought some cheap singlets, ironed on diamonte transfers from ebay, added cute bows to one of the straps and VOILA! A nice easy gift :) I thought they could wear these while they are getting ready because they should be easy to slip off without ruining hair or make up. And they are just too cute!

Ironing the diamonte's onto the singlet was a tiny bit fiddly! My advice is to keep the iron on them for about 10 times longer than the minimum heat time. This means you'll have more of a chance of the diamontes sticking first time around, meaning you wont have to re-position and add more heat again.

I'm thinking of hand stitching the girls names on the front in one of the bottom corners and maybe adding some more cute little embelishments just to make them that little more customised and personal.

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